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SOWER projects worked in 2013

Coming right along

Installing the air conditioning into the first floor is coming right along.
The unit is in place, and the ductwork is just about done.

But don’t think it was without a couple of challenges.
Trust me, that’s a real head knocker he’s ducking under there….
And talk about working around the existing conditions…
In the ductwork department there is still a bit of insulation to do and some additional taping – that will largely be my job to “wrap-up”. But Gary has moved on to the wiring. Remember last summer when we were running wire from the first floor control board up to the attic where the 5 units were?
There was a lot of wire happening last summer.
This summer, with only one unit (6 rooms) to wire up, it was a much less intimidating task. And we even managed to do part of it outside!
Once Gary figured out the length he would need (from the unit to the pipe that ran to the first floor and then to the control board – almost 50 ft.) and the number of lengths he would need (15), we moved to the driveway, and started measuring them out.
After we had the 15, we marked each end with tape so he would know which one he was working on.
Then we stretched them out again
and Gary taped the end together and we headed to the crawlspace.
Gary taped that end to the rope that had been previously snaked through the pipe and we were good to go!
And up in the control room –
(It kinda looks like the baby brother of the big wad that came from the attic, doesn’t it? 🙂 )
Final destination on this end –
That last panel on the left. It needs to look like it’s closest neighbor.
And down in the crawlspace – well, see that white board in the picture of the wire going into the tube?
Well, he spent Saturday working on that end of things!


A lot was accomplished this week (even though we did have to make a couple too many supply runs (but they usually involved a Dunkin Donuts coffee stop, so even that wasn’t all bad!)) but there is still plenty of job ahead.  Finishing up the wiring, doing all the piping, running the electric…yeah, we’ll be busy for a while yet.  Well, perhaps I should say that Gary will be busy for a while.  I’m not all that useful in the wiring/piping/electric department.  (And yet, he keeps me around!)

And I’m happy to report that it appears that Spring has finally arrived here in Montrose!  The trees are beginning to leaf out, the daffodils and forsythia are sharing their yellow cheer, and it was warm enough this morning to walk to church.
So happy that spring has finally spring here in Montrose. Walking home from church :).

Hope that spring is happening in your world too!


We’ve had a productive week here at MBC.
– Returns in closets on the first floor installed, painted and all trim reinstalled – Check
– Mess cleaned up by trusty assistant – Check
– Review of parts still needed and ordered. – Check
– Build bracket for unit in crawlspace – Check
– Discover a supply of carpet strips to use in the crawlspace. 🙂 This should really help with the crawling about!
– Hang the unit, and have it all ready for when the supplies arrive on Monday.

So that’s a summary of where we are on the official job. Since we were just hangin’ around this weekend, we were also able to help out with some back-to-back banquets. The first night I was in charge of the gravy, and the second night they actually had me out serving folks. Black pants and white shirt and everything.
What trusting souls they are!
And while I was either dishing up gravy or delivering food and pouring coffee, Gary was busy here –
And he does dishes too!
Yep, turns out that Gary LOVES working in the dish pit. Who knew???? I’m pretty sure he’ll be spending some more time in the Pit over the course of the summer!

And on a final note – we’ve moved!
OK, it was only a half mile, but I don’t often get to drive behind the rig and take pictures!
We’re back in our same spot from last year
and while we have a bit more settling in to do (it’s been pretty nippy outside, and not especially conducive to putting out the awning and rugs) it’s nice to be back in the old neighborhood!

That delivery truck is expected tomorrow morning, so I’m pretty sure we’ll be spending some quality time on our knees next week.

Let’s hear it for Knee Pads (and old carpeting)!


Whatever your hands find to do

One of the benefits of being a Sower On Assignment (a long-term SOWER assignment that generally involves a specific task or job – as in, we’re here to do the A/C installation), is that we have a fair bit of flexibility. This is especially true right now as we are just ramping-up the project again, and we’re waiting for some key elements before we can really begin in earnest. So Gary can start his day as early as he chooses and he can work until he’s at a good stopping point. It also means that since we are a team, on the days that he doesn’t need my extra set of hands (and my excellent fetching skills) I get to enjoy a couple of “light-duty” days. This week he’s been getting started with the returns and supplies. I won’t go into all the fun we had deciding on the location of the holes (picture Gary in the rooms with the drill and me in crawlspace with the cobwebs…… 🙁 ), but since most of his work this week has been in closets
he hasn’t needed me quite so much. I mean really, where would he even put me? I was called on today to do a bit of clean-up, since he does make a bit of a mess-
But with a little sweeping, a bit of vacuuming and a good damp cloth,
it wasn’t a very hard job to get things back to normal!
So what have I been doing during my ‘light-duty’ days? Well, in-between times that Gary does need me, I’ve been playing catch-up – with housework, work-work, and laundry. And when I felt like things were at least moderately under control, I pulled out the sewing machine!!! Yippee!
Have you ever visited the Craftsy webpage? It offers video classes on all types of crafts – quilting, knitting, spinning, weaving…whatever! I love that once you’ve purchased a class you get to take it at your own pace and it’s available (in its entirety) forever. I started a Block of the Month class back in January 2012 (which was free – and still available. Just sayin’) and I was anxious to get back to it. I have the blocks made, and I’m machine quilting them using a quilt-as-you-go technique (another Craftsy class, geared to the BOM quilt) and as of today, I have six of the twenty done!
BOM Start
Except for the border fabric, I’ve only used fabric from my ‘stash’, so that’s why it has a somewhat eclectic feel!
I’ll keep plugging away at it –
and see how far I get before my ‘light-duty’ days are gone!
I also might get a bit distracted because I have another quilt I need to get working on. And that would be a baby quilt!  I’m excited to share the wonderful news that Toby and Tammy are expecting a baby in September!  This little one will join 4 very excited siblings who can’t wait to meet their little brother/sister (we can’t either!).
That house is getting pretty full – it’s a good thing we usually bring our own bedroom! 🙂

Better get some good rest tonight – I think Gary said something about “back in the crawlspace” for tomorrow. Gulp. Guess the quilting will have to wait!

Ya gotta start somewhere

Let’s do a little recap about what we’re doing here at Montrose Bible Conference.
Last summer we began the task of installing central Air Conditioning into Dreyer Lodge, a circa 1925 building that includes 26 guest rooms, a large lobby and a dining facility. We knew that the entire job would be a two summer event, so when we almost completed the second floor rooms (22 rooms, 5 units and miles of control wire) by the end of last summer we were delighted. (I’m using the word “we” quite generously here. Let’s face it, while I suppose I was a valuable helper, my man is the total brains and talent behind this job.) When we left in August last summer we left a big ol’ notebook with all of the equipment information along with a detailed list of what still needed to be done.
And believe me, already we’ve realized how smart we were to write that all down, because man, we’ve slept a lot since then and now. But aside from the finish work that needs to be done for all those units on the second floor, we haven’t even started on the 4 rooms on the first floor. Now you might think that only having 4 rooms (one unit) as opposed to 22 rooms (5 units) would make this part of the installation a snap. However, while the actual job is quite a bit smaller, the working location is quite a bit less than favorable.
And that picture was taken AFTER we cleaned it out!
So that was where we started this morning. Gary in the cave crawlspace, moving “stuff” to the doorway for removal.
The rest of us carrying it outside for disposal. Now there was a fair bit of copper and metal that can go to the scrap yard ($$ :)), but we may never know why some of this stuff was stored in this crawlspace.
Christmas trees, nursery toys, lots of lumber, pieces of drywall, vacuum cleaner??????
And then there’s all the general rubble – guess we’ll just be crawling over that!
So after we got most of the trash out of the way, Gary and I worked on stringing lights. Let’s face it, we have to be able to see to work!
Gary would get them hung, and I would follow behind and put in the light bulbs. When all was said and done, the lighting was pretty good.
But in a sense, it really just illuminated some of the more delightful parts of the work area….
OK, let’s face it – this stage of the job will be challenging for both of us, but especially for whimpy ol’ me. These will be my new best friends –
…and I think a hard hat will be joining the collection!
Later that morning we trucked up to the attic to see how the insulation made it through the winter. And yes, there are a couple of pieces that will need to be re-taped.
But after our short morning in the crawlspace, the attic looked like the Taj Mahal of work areas.
I’m really going to miss the whole standing-up part.
Oh, and the no cobwebs.

Wrapping things up, in a random sort of way!

We still have three days left here at Dry Creek, but with the Big Fence Job done it really feels like the project is winding down.  The guys have moved on to building up the berm behind the rifle range and some other miscellaneous maintenance chores and tomorrow we ladies will be working on a 3000 piece mailing that looks like it will keep us busy for the rest of the week.  And Thursday we’ll all be helping with the Community Fish Fry that the camp hosts – about 300 folks from ’round here come for a catfish lunch with all the fixins’.  We get to enjoy the meal and then help serve the guests.  And then, for a final Cajun culture blast, we’ll be treated to a Crawfish Boil.  Been lookin’ forward that for a couple of weeks! So, while there are still busy days ahead, this week has that definite “last week” feel. So as I was taking a look through some of my pictures I thought I’d share a couple of random photos from our time here at Dry Creek.

This is Todd. He’s the camp director and this picture was taken as he was sharing about duck hunting during devotions one morning. (Honest, there was a spiritual side to the devotion, too!) Needless to say, this is a man who takes his duck hunting seriously. As he said, those ducks have to fly past a lot of rednecks before they get to Southern Louisiana, so he needs to make sure he’s good and ready for them! He’s a great guy – and has been a wonderful host to us SOWERS.

This is Bill Linger (blowing out the candles) and his wife Marilyn (on the left). Jim turned 80 earlier this month, and he and Marilyn have worked over 100 projects! We truly have been working with SOWER legends!

This is ALL of us! We snagged this picture one morning before work, and promised ourselves that we’d take another one when we were a bit more “cleaned-up”. Well, one of the couples had to leave due to a family situation, so it looks like this will be our “official” picture. Don’t we look like a hard working crew! 🙂

DCC Flowers
Spring is bursting out all over down here –
When we arrived….
Taken today…..
Even with just my phone camera – it’s easy to see Spring!
Like I said, somebody's got to do it!
This is me, dusting again. 🙂
GDO DryCreek-1
This is downtown DeRidder, about 30 miles from Dry Creek and our closest “center of commerce”. We had a lovely Ladies’ Day Outing one day last week, where we enjoyed the company of some of the staff for a visit to a sweet local museum and a yummy lunch out.
GDO DryCreek-3
The museum had an extensive doll collection and of all the thousands of dolls on display, this one caught my eye –
GDO DryCreek-2
Can you see why?

Oh, and on a slightly more random note – have I mentioned that by this time next week, I’ll actually be hugging that little cutie? OK, so she’s 4 years older and I’ll probably have to catch her first, but still……