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Our SOWER Ministries where we have worked in 2015

Just a little diversion

Gary’s walkway project is coming right along! The landing are done,

the stairs are built (more built than in this picture!)
and the railings are well on their way!
Oven moving
He was just getting started on the stair railings when a little side job came up. Between the fact that the gas company coming to run some gas lines and there were five (5!) men available to help, it was determined that it was time to finally remove the old (propane) convection ovens in the kitchen
Oven moving
and move in the shiny new (natural gas) ones that were just waiting for the gas line to arrive!
Oven moving
I’m not sure what the weight of each old oven was, but the new ovens had a shipping weight of 521# each. Five men, indeed!
Oven moving
(Can I say here, ever so kindly, that 3 of those 5 guys are well into their sixties!)
Oven moving
So just how are we going to handle this?
Oven moving
Ah, 2X4 tracks. Gotta love that scrap lumber!
Oven moving
And then re-position those 2×4’s to get it to the dolly.
Oven moving
Watch your fingers!
And then it was through the door (just barely)
Oven moving
And then through the next door and on to the back of the truck!
Oven moving
Catch your breath. Repeat.
Then do it in the opposite direction get the shiny new ones in place.
Oven moving
Did I mention that lunch was being served to a small group that day? No oven was involved, but apparently there was soup on the menu!
Oven moving
Nothing can distract a great chef in action!
So the ovens are in. Though I don’t believe they are quite hooked up yet.
Oven moving
And Gary moved back to the stair railings.
Like I said, comin’ right along!

Have a good weekend, friends! We’re headed to the cabin early (EARLY!!!)  tomorrow morning for an quick overnight visit. But it will involve family AND the cabin, so all is well!

While the girl was away….

Gary kept pretty busy! No surprise, right?
We were both quite hopeful that while we were at the cabin that ol’ excavator would have arrived to tear out that pesky walkway. It was not to be. So he spent the first part of his week alone (remember, I was off giggling with my sisters) checking out the A/C, finding and fixing a leak and continuing to pre-cut lumber for when he could actually begin to tackle the walkway. The excavator did show up mid-week, and before long, with only a couple of starts and stops, the job was done. I wasn’t around to take any pictures of the demolition, but just so you can get an idea of what it was like –
here’s a shot from last year. Trust me, there isn’t much to see!
But here it is, with the walkway, stairs and debris removed.
Montrose Walkway 2015-3
OK, some of the debris is still there, but he’ll be building right over that. That’s what knee pads are for!
While he waited for his trusty assistant to return, he framed in the connecting walkway between the two sides.
Montrose Walkway 2015-2
(I’m so glad that somewhere in his head is the plan for this.)
Once I got back in town, he was ready to move into over-drive to get busy on the walkway. Oy. I’m what you call a fetcher-holder-leveler-cleaner-upper kind of helper, but I’m learning how valuable that is. Or at least he tells me it is. (Let’s face it, not having to climb out of the ditch to get supplies is always a help! And when you need an extra set of hands, you really need an extra set of hands.) I, on the other hand, was so far behind on life “stuff” (week at cabin + week with sisters = crazy far behind) that I was a bit panicked about getting caught up on my computer stuff. I’m happy to report that we reached a happy compromise when I set up my computer, hot-spot and paperwork in the truck so I could be available for him and still get some work done.
Montrose Walkway 2015-6
It worked out surprisingly well. 🙂
Montrose Walkway 2015-5
(Just thought I’d throw this one in here so you can see he does rest occasionally.)
With a little help from friends
Montrose Walkway 2015-8
he had all four landings framed in by Wednesday. Phew. Oh, there is plenty still to be done, but with the landings framed he can at least make those eight rooms accessible for guests.
Montrose Walkway 2015-11
Not pretty, but safe.
Now he’s on to the decking and stairs between landings, then the railing, then the finishing lattice work. Yeah, there’s still plenty to do.
Montrose Walkway 2015-12
He’d like to have that first landing and the connecting walkway between sides all “decked” before the holiday weekend. I think he can make that happen, don’t you?
Since the decking doesn’t require so much fetching-holding-leveling help, I’ve moved my office back to the rig. I’m still close enough when he needs help lugging the decking and I can keep an eye on him right out the window. Although we are planning to move the house up to the campground over the weekend, it has been nice to be tucked in close to where he’s working.
Montrose Walkway 2015-7
Plus, when I have a spare moment, there’s always this right next door to keep me busy.
Montrose Walkway 2015-10
Ah, yes – the ever present pile of whites!

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Still waiting

Sadly, the excavator has not arrived this week as expected. The view of the motel remained like this –
So our week was a little less productive than we’d hope. Gary took care of a couple of small jobs, but was reluctant to start anything too big just in case that excavator showed up. But over in my world, the week started off with a bang –
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. #lotsawhite #sowerjobs
A full compliment of guests over the weekend = lots and lots of sheets and towels to wash and fold. With a little help from the housekeeping girls, by lunch time Tuesday it was all under control.
Well, until next Monday when it will start all over again! (I bet it’s the same at your house, only the pile might not be quite as high or as overwhelmingly white!)
The rest of the week was pretty quiet. We did wake up to the startling sight of snow this morning
Good morning, Montrose! #springinNEPA #saywhat?
and it continued to snow (quite vigorously at times) throughout the day. Pretty crazy. Since I’m putting in some extra SOWER hours over the weekend (helping out with meals), I spent this unexpected snow(y) day (it is April, right?) cutting out my next quilt project –
Snowy spring day at Montrose = great day to cut out a quilt. #noahsquilt #cantwaittostart
And while I’m anxious to get sewing on it, that won’t happen right away. The next couple of weeks are already pretty full. Even though this week was kind of a bust (walk-way wise), we are still heading to the Cabin on Sunday to open her up for the season.

We love being up there in the early spring (this picture was taken two years ago, just about this same time of year) and are hopeful that it will be warm enough to get the water up and running.  I know that Gary has some outdoor chores planned, but I also think he’s packing some books, so I’m hopeful that there will be at least a bit of down time.

And after that? Well, Gary will return to Montrose to (hopefully) find that walkway demolished and ready for him to get started, while I’ll be joining my sisters for our annual Girls Week.

Oh, yes – grand days ahead, indeed!


While we wait

Gary and I are here at Montrose Bible Conference as SOAs – SOWERS On Assignment. Which means that we’ll be here for several months (instead of just one) and that we have a specific job to accomplish. This year our task is to redo the walkway on this side of the motel
to match the walkway that we (you know I really mean Gary, right?) completed last year.

One thing we learned last year was that it makes much more sense to have an excavator remove the existing walkway than for Gary to tackle it with the jackhammer.
AND, since that ol’ excavator won’t be here until Friday, we’ve been trying to fill in the time productively. Gary’s been building as much of the framework for the landings as possible.

And then he set out to get as many other components ready so when the excavator arrived, it would be a quick and simple job. He did actually do a bit of jackhammering in an area that had too many utilities to do with the big equipment

and then he worked with a couple of other dudes to move that vending machine out of the way.

(Let me tell you, that vending machine was uber heavy. And they even took out the soda, honest!)
Meanwhile, aside from helping Gary with an extra set of hands when he needed it, I helped out in the laundry (always busy after a full-house weekend) and then today tackled the back flower bed.

Nothing like the post-snow sadness of a perennial garden! But I was pretty certain that underneath all the rubble was spring, just ready to be sprung!

See? I was right!
I wasn’t quite so happy to see this little guy growing out of the wall:
But I guess I can give it points for persistence! (I pulled it out anyway!)
Even though we’re waiting, I guess you could say we’re busy waiting.
And that’s a good thing.

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Made it!

Today was our final day on the road (in the RV) for the next three months.
Last leg has begun. #ontheroadagain
It was a good day of travel – traffic was light, we finished up a book on tape, and made a quick stop for a mid-day breakfast that only involved one U-Turn (U-turn = Challenge in Gary’s book. U-turn = YIKES in my book).
Spring was harder to find the closer we got to the Endless Mountains of PA, and there was still ice on Lake Montrose, but I’m certain I saw some daffodils peeking up near the office.
We’re in a temporary spot (the official campground isn’t open yet – that’s what an April arrival does!), but the slides are out, the power is on, and we’re delighted to be back with our good friends here at Montrose Bible Conference.