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Our SOWER Ministries where we have worked in 2015

Forest Glen

Before we get too far removed from our January project I think I need to fill in some of the details. We were the lone SOWERS there that month, but we still managed to get a fair bit accomplished. But before I give a little “Group Leader” report, let me tell you a bit about Forest Glen. First of all, it’s beautiful.
Along with hosting summer camps and weekend retreats they also host one of the Outdoor Education Program for the Houston ISD. So every week about 130 5th graders would arrive in their yellow buses and spend the next four days experiencing the beautiful outdoors. There are several learning centers around like this one along the lake’s edge
and if the weather cooperates there are canoes to paddle and horses to ride and fields to play in. And if the weather doesn’t cooperate –
Outdoor Ed on a rainy day does present some challenges. #yellowslickers
I think they still manage to have a great time!
It was fun sitting in on the edges of all the activitiesHouston ISD
even if the dining hall did get a little noisy at times. ūüôā

We kept pretty busy here too! Gary did some electrical work on the cabins, helped rebuild the housekeeping section of the maintenance shop, and along with his trusty helper (me!) moved thermostats in one of the lodges.
Don’t you just love how this guys really gets into his work? And isn’t he lucky to have such a good ladder holder?
They had him do some other plumbing type stuff and he even took a look at the big ol’ ice machine that was being a bit finicky.
While Gary worked on a whole potpourri of activities, I was pretty focused (with the exception of my thermostat helping day) on assisting in the office. And what they needed most was help with shredding!
Now you might think it was a pretty tedious time for me, but I totally enjoyed it! I was working 2 shredders, and the trick was to time it so that they both didn’t overheat at the same time. I wasn’t always successful, and then I was happy for the Keurig machine.
I also got to do a bit of data entry and even tidied up the supply room(I left my phone number in case they couldn’t find something!).¬†I haven’t been assigned any kind of office work for quite awhile, so it was a nice change of pace. ¬†The folks in the office were great, and it was fun to see the behind the scenes of what makes this camp so great! Of course, when you work in the same spot for the whole time it also makes it hard to say good-bye to your new friends. ¬†And that is when things like the internet and Facebook can help you stay connected. ¬†I often¬†leave these projects with just a few new Facebook friends – and this time¬†was no exception.
Lisa and me
(Can you tell we had a good time in the office? I think we’re kindred spirits!)
We pulled out this morning, after some final hugs with the any staff member we could find.
Miriam and me

And off we go to our next adventure!
Leaving Forest Glen

Camp Cho-Yeh, here we come!