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The New Neighborhood

This month we’re serving at Community Baptist Church and Christian Academy  in Stuart, Florida.

Although this is a new-to-us project, it’s been in the SOWER project family for many years! We’ll be working with some “seasoned SOWERs” like us and with some newer ones (but who have worked here before). As you can see by the map, we’re a little farther south this month and the traffic we’ve experienced so far has reminded us how popular this area of Florida is! Thankfully we got our Lizzie all tucked in at her new neighborhood, and we’re looking forward to a good month!

On an interesting note – we back up to a small pond
and currently residing on that little patch of green just offshore is this little fellow –
He’s just a young’un – about three ft. long – and as long as he stays right there on that little floating grass island, we’ll all be just fine!

But I do kinda wonder where his (her?) momma is.

Thanks for stopping by, friends! Happy January!