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Tales from our travels

Road Pictures

I’m starting to collect “on the road” photos – just a couple of front seat pictures that show the difference in the areas that we are traveling. (If nothing else, it will show whether or not my plant grows!)

This is from one of our first legs – heading to New England-

Here we are in Vermont, headed to Burlington…..

And here we are in Ohio…..

Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay was amazing. While I know we only touched a small portion of the bay, I do believe that the area we were in was indicative of the Bay as a whole. We drove two hours north of Toronto, parked the car and then took a ½ hour boat ride out to Bill and Susan’s island cottage. Here is just a sampling of the shots I took. The days were bright and sunny, but even in the early morning mist the beauty of the islands shone through.
The view from the porch……

From the other side of their island – looking more into the Bay

Another cottage we visited, tucked in the rocks on the left.

“Just” some other incredible views….

Canadian Family

I have been terribly remiss in taking pictures of family and friends as we have proceeded on our adventure. How I wish I had taken some shots of my Canadian family – my Dad’s widow, Jo Dwinell and her three children. While we were in Canada they included us in an engagement party and opened their Georgian Bay cottage (see my travel pictures for photos of that area).
I got a shot of Jo, Gary and I, but other than that the best I had in my stash of photos was a group of heads swimming in Georgian Bay. So….
Here are the three of us sitting in Lizzie…

And here are those heads…..