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Livingston, TX 77399

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Gary and Stephanie

14 thoughts on “Contact us”

  1. Hi guy been following you for about 6 months now. Just sent our packet into SOWERS last week. Wanted to say that if you end up coming though our wonderful town of Bend OR and would like to boondock at our place we would love to host you !
    Just a thought,
    Chris & Cliff Wheeler
    541.408.1897 my cell (Chris)

  2. My husband and I have paid for a lot in January and reserved February and March at Ft. Myers RV Park and cannot use it. They will not give a refund, but someone else can use it. We would be willing to give a nice deal to anyone interested.

  3. Hey Stephanie & Gary, Ron & Kathy from Bighorn here, would appreciate a few min. of Gary.s time to discuss some HVAC needs we have, we’re getting mixed info on adding central air to our oil furnace, need some honest advice & recommendations on brands. What’s the best way to contact you guys to talk?

  4. HI Steph, Thank you for your time and energy in serving and have enjoyed following you over the past year. As we near retirement, we are looking at Sowers and will probably be applying after the first of the year. I truly enjoy your blog and have recently started writing as well. Would love to connect with you on several levels re Sowers and your blog. Thank you.

  5. Thank you for your kind words, Doug! Would love to meet you ‘down the road’. May God blessings you on this new adventure!

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    Shoot me a reply to for details on how this works

  7. Hello, I was just visiting your website and filled out your contact form. The contact page on your site sends you these messages via email which is why you are reading my message right now right? This is the most important accomplishment with any kind of advertising, getting people to actually READ your advertisement and this is exactly what you’re doing now! If you have an advertisement you would like to blast out to tons of websites via their contact forms in the U.S. or to any country worldwide let me know, I can even focus on your required niches and my charges are very low. Send a message to:

  8. HI Steph, Your census post brought up a question I would like to ask. We are truly looking to becoming residents of South Dakota eventually after we seel our home in Michigan. What iw anted to know was what mail service are you using. We were talking about that recently and we leave in 6 months so I figured I needed to get on it soon. I looked at both Escapee’s and America’s Mail. Any comments would be helpful. Thanks, Doug

  9. Hi Steph, my wife and I are thinking about selling our home and living in an RV full time and joining SOWERS, we are almost 62, are kids are grown and live in different states. Our home is worth about $230,000 and we would like to get a home when it gets too hard to travel so we could set part of it aside for a smaller home For later on, we have only $50,000 in our retirement account. I have an appliance repair business that I have lost my passion for but I enjoy working, I just don’t want to have a repair business any longer. How much should we have for a monthly budget and how much will it cost to get set up with a truck/van and trailer to do 6 – 8 projects a year? Thank you for any advice or resources you could share. Larry Underwood

  10. HI Steph,
    We are recent SOWERS, and I love your blog!
    I am trying to get one going but it is challenging.
    A couple of years ago, I did a blogger blog for a 3 month RV trip.
    I would like to get something easier, direct upload from iPhone pics, etc. I am in the process of trying WIX, (and getting frustrated)
    Any help, comments, guidance would be appreciated!

  11. Hey Steph,

    Great ministry y’all have going there! I may be indirectly helping you quite a bit. I own RV Rentals. A lot of my customers accidentally end up at your site and get lost. Of course, although this is good for you to have these visits, it would be great if you might consider a little banner across the top of your page “If you are looking for RV Rentals click here” to take them to my site?
    Thanks and God Bless!!

  12. Hi Steph,
    I am part of a Christian Investment/Development Group out of the greater Houston TX area and we are looking at the “Stream of God Ministries” property in Luray KS that you visited back in 2012. I would really like to chat with you about your time on property, what you were doing with Ralph and if you still have any photos/videos of your visit.
    Please reach out to me at your earliest convenience. Blessings

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