I forgot Newport, RI~~~

Although we had the missing wallet adventure in Newport, we did see some amazing homes and sights. Here are some of the pictures from that day….

One of Newport’s Mansions (or Summer Cottages!). All this for an 8 week summer season!

Another simple home – this one near Fort Adams just outside of town.

A View from Fort Adams

A fuzzy Gary & Stephanie at the Fort Adams Harbor.

Acadia National Park – WOW

Lot’s of you told us to make sure we made it to Acadia – and made it we did!
Today dawned so beautiful after yesterday’s rain that it was breathtaking. We started the day with an 8AM Worship service right in the part at one of the Campgrounds (run by Christian Ministry to the National Parks). What a wonderful place to Worship our Awesome God! It was a great start to the day.
From there we did the Park Loop road – and you have to know it was impossible to take any bad pictures. The sky was soooo blue, and the rocks were soooo magnificent and the waves were soooooo waves(?)…I’m sure you know what I mean. (I’m posting from a central modem at the campground and a line is forming, so I won’t have time to upload the gazillion pictures I took, but keep checking – they’ll be here soon!)
We did some more biking (about 5 miles) and I was once again reminded what TERRIBLE shape I’m in. (Not to the mention the sore butt thing…) However, a lovely lunch in a restaurant right in the park soon chased those thoughts away, and we headed up Cadillac Mountain (in the truck!). Such vistas! Such an awesome Creator!!!
Hopefully I’ll get more posted later, but I hate to tie up the one camp modem.

Oh – we’ve heard from Judy, Gary’s sister who lives in Punta Gorda, FL. She lost her home to Hurricane Charley, although she (and her two dogs) are ok. Please pray for her (and of course the many other victim of that storm) – it will be a rough time ahead for her.

Thanks – hope all is well with you!

The Rain in Maine…..

August 20th….
Looks like the weatherman was right – a good old rainy day. We decided not to let it stop us, though, and off to Acadia we went. You know, even on drizzly miserable days, Acadia National Part is still pretty amazing. I wouldn’t recommend driving up Cadillac Mountain (the highest peak on the East coast (all the way to Rio) at 1350 ft., doncha know!)- the rain and clouds made not only the view invisible, but the road was pretty hard to see too! No photo ops there! Walked around Bar Harbor in the drizzle and by mid day the rain was coming down in sheets, so we headed back to Lizzie to get warm and dry. We had wanted to get some fresh fish for dinner, and although you can pick up a lobsta’ on almost any corner, finding that fresh caught Haddock or whatever, proved to be quite a challenge. Ended up at the supermarket! Geeeezzz. Oh – we did check out a local brewery (along with many other “what am I gonna do on a rainy day in Maine” tourists) and tasted some Blueberry Ale. What’ll they think of next!

We decided to do Blueberry Pancakes – real Maine wild blueberries – with Real Vermont Maple Syrup for dinner. You’d be surprises how yummy that is on a rainy night. Even had some “Bog Blush” cranberry wine that we got in Plymouth, MA. A very New England meal.

Sunday we do Acadia FOR REAL!

August 20…

August 20th- Evening
Well, we made it to Acadia – or at least just outside in Trenton. The campground is very nice – though we are situated in an area that is a little short of trees. As in an RV Field. Gary has a fire going, so I’ll be heading out to sit with him shortly, but I wanted to jot just a couple of things down before I go.
We did a couple of “firsts” today….
I went into my first fabric stores of the adventure! OK, so that’s not that exciting to the general public, but since I plan to do a fair bit of quilting and such after we settle into our new life, it made me pretty happy. The first place we stopped at was called “Fabric by the Pound” which it wasn’t, but it was pretty interesting. Not only did they have very nice fabric for under $5.00/yd, but they also had “Maine crafts” (looked like fabric sacks and aprons to me), an eclectic selection of notions and knick-nacks, firewood (we are burning some as I type) and a hot dog cart selling both regular and “red” hotdogs. (We got the special – one of each type of ‘dog, a can of soda and a bag of chips for $3.00 – can’t beat that!). All of this along Route 1 heading into Trenton, ME. Go Figure.
The other store was a more traditional quilt shop (no hot dogs), and the prices were more traditional too! It’s called the Quilted Cabin – and it was very lovely. Picked up some “Maine” fabric (one with blueberries and one with pinecones) to make into stars for my memory quilt.
Another first was that Red Hotdog. Anyone know what that’s all about? Except for the outside being bright red it tasted the same.
I also tried a Cheddawurst at a place called Moody’s Diner (also on Rte 1 heading to Acadia). We found that place in a book called Road Food. Just a fun diner – good food (and the Cheddawurst was excellent) and good prices. Coffee is still $.75!

Tomorrow we actually get to Acadia – I think we should have a better plan than we do – but it’s supposed to be pretty rainy, so that may make some changes for us anyway. Everything is very lovely so far (except for the traffic….)

And for those of you who are wondering if I really am going to ever start cooking…. We ate dinner here – Native Corn on the cob and a big salad. Ymmmm.

Out to the Campfire….

Good Morning!

It’s pretty crowded here at Campground du Walmart. There are 10 of us this morning –
4 Class A (like us)
1 Class C (with a truck front)
3 Class B (van conversions)
2 Travel Trailers.

The generators did start a little early this morning – but the price is still right.

After we claimed our campsite we headed out to find the ocean. Located a piece of it near Scarborough. We stuck our toes in the cold Maine Atlantic ocean – the water and the late afternoon sky were both crystal clear and it was a perfect end to a travel day.

Off to Freeport and LL Bean. Then up the coast we go to Acadia.
Ah, the beauty that is Maine – isn’t God Good?

Seeing the country……Serving our Lord!