The Story Begins..

Big changes are about to happen at the Conrad’s!
In the last six years we’ve graduated three kids from college(Lara and Toby from Messiah College and Josiah from Lancaster Bible College) and one from graduate school (Lara from Ohio State). We saw our son Toby marry his college sweetheart, Tammy Howell. We became grandparents of a beautiful little girl named Eliana Grace, born in February 2003. (We even have another grandbaby on the way!). We’ve experienced the loss of our parents and have made job changes. Our kids have landed on the West Coast (Lara is beginning a job at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, CA), the Midwest (Toby, Tammy and Ellie are in Columbus, OH) and the East Coast (Josiah is still hovering around home base, but he’s spreading his wings nonetheless!) But through all of these changes we have (miraculously it seems) kept the vision that Gary approached Stephanie with all those years ago ~ “How about when the kids are out of college and on their own, we sell the house and the business, take a year off and travel around the country?”

Well, friends, the kids are out of college, the house is on the market, the business is winding down, and the RV is in the drive! Lord willing, on August first of this year we will become homeless and unemployed as we join the ranks of Full Time RV’ers. We’re calling it our sabbatical rather than our retirement. Like a bridge between our life as we know it and the life that the good Lord will be leading us to! We don’t know just yet how long the adventure will last – it’s been awhile since we’ve been together 24/7, but we’re hopeful that our 33 year old marriage will stand the test of togetherness.

We have a lot of details to wrap up, and as you can see, the clock is ticking! We’ll keep you posted as our pre-journey continues.

Seeing the country……Serving our Lord!