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Fast Forward Ten Years

And I mean it! Those ten years went forward FAST!
Ten years ago I posted the following:

For many of you the primary emphasis of today is


OK, that’s happening here in our house too, but the most exciting news about today is that our first born grandchild, Eliana Grace, turns 10 today.  10.



I’m not sure just where those 10 years have gone, but we’ve been blessed to watch her grow into a beautiful young lady. She’s a big help to her Mom and Dad, and a great big sister to her three younger siblings. And most importantly, she loves Jesus and has asked Him into her heart!

Happy Birthday, sweet Ellie! Hugs and kisses from Grams and Pops!

Fast forward those ten years…
Today we are NOT thinking about the Super Bowl (but now that you mentioned it – Fly Eagles, Fly!), but we are celebrating Ellie turning twenty! As hard as it is for us to believe (and even harder for her folks, I imagine), this sweet thing who ushered us into being grandparents, is beginning her third decade!
Happy Birthday, Ellie! That’s pretty much how we feel about it too! We love you to the moon and back, dear one!

Dark and Dreary, but still a bright spot

For once, the weatherman was right. It rained all day, just as he promised. But still, we needed to make that short drive to our next project. So we donned our raincoats and got on our way! The biggest challenge was the first two miles of dirt/gravel road
but once we got to the paved road, we were good to go. (And I stopped taking pictures since I was driving the truck, right?).
We arrived, parked, plugged in, greeted our fellow SOWERs, and hibernated in the rig for the rest of the day.
It definitely was a three-nap day. But there was a great bright spot! This little bundle of energy
turned 18 today!
How can that be? She’s smart and funny and kind and still full of energy (see that first picture!). And pretty darn beautiful to boot!
We got the whole family in the picture for her birthday call to help with the birthday song – and it was so fun to see everyone!
It certainly added a beautiful bright spot to an otherwise dark and dreary day!

Happy Birthday, Hayley! We love you so!!

Halfway to 142

This young lady just finished her 71st trip around the sun! In many ways, it’s been a rough trip this year. But at the same time, the blessings have been abundant. Today was a day to celebrate being loved by so many.  Cards in the mail,  the many greetings on Facebook, phone calls and emails and messages from family and friends all worked together to make this quite the loveliest of days!
Along with all the love I felt from afar, there was plenty of love right here at our SOWER project! My co-workers, Barbara and Jackie, and I finished up our morning’s work and headed into Chickasha for a little birthday outing.
and even some sweet gifts!
I felt totally pampered!
As we took off to explore Chickasha we discovered not only a couple of fun boutiques but also two (2!!!) quilt shops! I had spotted one earlier, but the second one was a total surprise! My co-partiers are not quilters (yet), but they indulged me and we had a grand time oohing and ahhing at all the beautiful fabric.
I resisted purchasing any fabric on this trip, but it did get me a-thinking about just what might be a project in the future.
So many options….so little time!
It was truly a grand day! We laughed and giggled and shared our stories. And didn’t even spend a boatload of money doing it!
Thanks to all who have sent love and hugs and birthday greetings. You really know how to make a girl feel loved!


PS – About the ‘halfway to 142’ – when I asked Maddie yesterday how if felt to be 15, she replied, “Old. I’m halfway to 30!” At which point her dad pointed out that the next day I would be halfway to 142.  We’ve been chuckling about it ever since! =)






Vote for Maddie!

OK, that’s a bit of a mash-up. So first – VOTE!! It’s a privilege we should never take for granted!

But also happening today, is the birthday of our dear Madelyn!  This is a slightly updated post from last year, but I think it summed things up rather nicely!

Happy 15th Birthday, Maddie!

I remember when this little one was born – missing my birthday by just a day!
Smiling Maddie
I remember when we realized that, unlike her big sisters, she would be blond and blue-eyed!
Girls 0508
The Crawl 4a
I remember when we took her camping when she was three
Maddie saying goodnight
and I remember when she had her “Grams and Pops Adventure” when she was ten.
Waiting for the ride to start
Can you see me?
What I can’t quite remember, though, is when that sweet, little munchkin turned into the loving, kind, smart (and pretty darn beautiful!) fourteen-year-old that she is today.
Maddie at 14
Guess I can’t remember, because there was no starting place for that – it just always was (well, except for the 14 part!)!  Happy Birthday, Maddie! You stole our hearts on Day One – and have held them ever since! XOXOXO


And now you’re 15! Our hearts are still yours!
Grams and Pops


This year has really driven home to me the blessing of family. My family, with all of its idiosyncrasies and quirks, blesses me over and over again. And so today, as this dear brother-in-law celebrates another birthday, it only seemed fitting that pull out a little rerun from last year. Yes, it’s easier than writing up something new. But actually, it’s because all of the things I said in here are still true. Happy Birthday, Fitz! I am so thankful for you!

Fitz & Deacon
This guy, the oldest member of our clan, has a birthday today. If we’re together with a crowd, you can almost always find him holding a baby BabyHoldingTime-2

or two

or maybe calling a game of Bingo!
He’s devoted to his family (especially to my sister) and loves spending time hunting, watching The Three Stooges, or just conversing with his grandchildren! He’s also fully devoted to the LORD, and when it’s quiet you’ll often find him studying the Word.


Happy Birthday, Fitz! Hope your day has been filled with great joy (I hope there are grandkids involved!) – and may the year ahead be blessed! We love you – and are so very thankful that you joined our family (almost) 53  54years ago!