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Real quick –

We leave this afternoon for a wild and wooly weekend in Ohio! Toby and Tammy are leaving us IN CHARGE of their six kiddos – what are they thinking? Of course, they range in age from 20 down to 3, so pretty much we’re just an extra set of wheels and an extra set of eyes for the wee one! We have some fun things planned – so there might just be some updates next week on that.

Meanwhile – here at Longview, things have been going well! Linda and I have been going from serging to sewing to staining to kitchen crew to being baristas in their coffee shop.  I’m more trained on the cash register than the espresso machine – but I have made a fancy drink or two. Ok, so I’ve made two. I might not be able to add it to my skill sheet, but it’s been a fun to interact with the campers AND learn a new skill!  The guys have had their own list of jobs and I’ll try to get more details on that (along with some pictures) next week.
But today, before I disappear from the blogging world for the weekend, I wanted to make sure I wished this sweet young man Happy Birthday!! Not sure when it happened, but he turns TWELVE today!

Happy Birthday, Weston Gary! We love you to the moon and back!


A delight

We took a little trip back to our “hometown” this past weekend and I must say, it was filled with delight. The trip’s main purpose was to attend the funeral of a SOWER member for whom we had prayed over the years. It was a lovely life celebration for a well-loved “Grandma” and dedicated servant of the Lord.  Although we had never met the deceased or her husband, we were still honored to be able to attend the service.
The little road trip also allowed us to do a little Hometown visiting. It was a quick weekend (that already had an agenda) and we didn’t get to see nearly as many folks as we would’ve liked, but still, it was a delight. We stayed with our good friends, Joe and Janet,
worshipped and lunched with my ‘birthday buddies’, (plus a couple of spouses) even though it isn’t November,
and generally drove around the area exclaiming how much had changed. There were moments when things looked so different we had trouble getting our bearings about just where exactly we were!

We indulged in some fresh soft pretzels and  Mannings’ ice cream on the way home and arrived back at the rig with our hearts full of love from folks who loved us ‘back in the day’, and continue to love us still!

Such a delight!

Fast Forward Ten Years

And I mean it! Those ten years went forward FAST!
Ten years ago I posted the following:

For many of you the primary emphasis of today is


OK, that’s happening here in our house too, but the most exciting news about today is that our first born grandchild, Eliana Grace, turns 10 today.  10.



I’m not sure just where those 10 years have gone, but we’ve been blessed to watch her grow into a beautiful young lady. She’s a big help to her Mom and Dad, and a great big sister to her three younger siblings. And most importantly, she loves Jesus and has asked Him into her heart!

Happy Birthday, sweet Ellie! Hugs and kisses from Grams and Pops!

Fast forward those ten years…
Today we are NOT thinking about the Super Bowl (but now that you mentioned it – Fly Eagles, Fly!), but we are celebrating Ellie turning twenty! As hard as it is for us to believe (and even harder for her folks, I imagine), this sweet thing who ushered us into being grandparents, is beginning her third decade!
Happy Birthday, Ellie! That’s pretty much how we feel about it too! We love you to the moon and back, dear one!