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Made it!

A. We made it to our May SOWER project, and our resting place for the next three weeks! Thank you, Lord, for safe travels and a beautiful place to serve!

This month we’re volunteering at a new SOWER project – Heartland Retreat Center – in Marengo, OH. It’s north and a bit east of Columbus, and this is the first time they’ve had SOWERS! It’s also less than an hour from both of our kids who live in the Columbus area! In different directions, of course!

To Toby’s To Lara’s
Untitled Untitled

We haven’t figured out just how the Visiting the Kids will look (everyone is super busy these days!), but we’re looking forward to great month. Not only are we working at a new SOWER project, but we’re working with a brand new SOWER couple! It’s always so encouraging to see the excitement in new folks as they begin their “RVing with a Purpose” journey!

Let the Project (and fun!) begin!

B. I’ve also made it to May, ending my self-imposed challenge of doing a blog post everyday! Phew! I certainly can’t promise (or maybe it’s a threat??) to do it again in May, but I’m hopeful that I can continue on with a more regular schedule of tidbits from our life. Thanks for coming along this month – I really appreciate each one of you!

Have a lovely first day of May, dear friends!

Dear New Subscriber

And anyone else who happens by!
First of all I’d like to welcome my new subscribers and say thank you for having enough interest in this little corner of the internet to want to receive notifications of posts. I truly appreciate each and every one of you and hope you enjoy your visits! You may have noticed that I am already into day 12 of a “Post Every Day in November” attempt. Hopefully it hasn’t been too much of a burden in your inbox! While generally speaking one or two posts a week is a good target for me, every now and again I go on a blogging blitz and I seem to be in one now! While I try to figure out how to fill up the next 17 days in November, if there’s anything in particular you’d like me cover, please let me know. I’m so thankful for each of you – whether you’ve been coming along on this journey since 2004, or whether you’ve just joined the party!

Since I rarely have a post without at least ONE photo, I thought I’d do a quick “thankful” search on my Flickr account to see just what photos came up. Lots of memories there, but I picked this one to remind us of what it was like to smoosh altogether to take a group selfie.
So thankful for a final supper shared at the cabin with these wonderful folks. Honored to call them family and amazed that they put up with having this crazy photo taken. #thankfulphotos #familypictures

Ah, those were the (pre-COVID) days!

Thanks again for stopping by, and don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any suggestions for topics for the days ahead!!


February Goals

As I finished up my absolutely wonderful, spectacularly memorable and precious beyond words time with my sisters late this past week, I asked the question “How can we pray specifically for each other?” Of course, we’re always praying for each other’s health and family, but I was looking for a something more specific, more personal. Interestingly, we each asked for prayer that we would be more consistent with different forms of writing. Joie and Elna wanted to become more disciplined in writing notes of encouragement to family and friends, and I shared how I wanted to be doing a better job with this blog and with possibly crafting some articles/stories for submissions to different publications.

We’ve all returned home and life has picked up right where we left it! Joie will soon be welcoming a new grand baby and helping out with his/her four siblings.  Elna will be returning to her cancer treatment regimen.  I’ll be back to SOWER work and all that entails.   I’m not sure what my “doing a better job with this blog” will actually look like, but one of my strategies will be to do a post a day for the month of February.   So watch out – and Sisters,  keep praying!

Till tomorrow!

Every Day in May – check!

So there you have it – a blog post a day in the month of May. It was a bit of a challenge for me (maybe it was for you too!), but all in all I think it was a good exercise! Even after all these years, I’m still trying to figure out just what kind of blog this is and what this taught me is that it is NOT an every day kind of blog! Maybe one of these days I’ll figure out just what kind of blog this is, but in the meanwhile we’ll just call it a “Life Journal” kind of blog. Part travelogue, part ministry, part family, and part mundane. But hopefully it has all been mixed in with a bit of inspiration.

June looks like it’s going to be crazy with all kinds of fun things (including a NE and Canada cruise with my sisters!!!) and I’m pretty sure my blogging will settle down to a more reasonable pace. In fact, the blog will be quiet for the weekend since today we are taking a little weekend road trip to see family AND see a specialist for Gary’s asthma, which has been particularly troublesome this spring.  Hopefully we’ll get some answers, but I know we’ll be getting some hugs!

Thanks for hanging in this month! And every month! And through the years!  I’d love to hear from you about what YOU’d like to see in this little corner of the internet, so feel free to comment. (NO personal data is collected, I promise!)

Have a good weekend, everyone!



Oh – Yesterday’s Where in the World? That was a picture from November 2008 when we were in the Chiricauha Mountains in AZ.