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And just like that….

Almost two weeks have passed since my last ‘hello’ to you guys! These two weeks in Lindale have been busy with lots of things – just not blogging, apparently!  Gary was doing a lot of pre-meeting organizing while I was working diligently on a quilt project.
We fit in a little road trip to three SOWER projects in the Huntsville area and it was great to see how they are recovering from the shut-down last summer. (I’m happy to report that they are all coming back nicely! They’ve had a good camp season and felt the Lord’s favor on their facilities. Hearts were turned to Jesus!)
UntitledWe were able to connect with friends in the area (or living nearby some of those projects we visited) and I didn’t have the alarm set all week. My kind of mornings!

This week has been filled with the annual SOWER Trustee meeting.
My job was orchestrating the food – lunches, dinners, and breaks! It was all take out or eat out, but it still needed a bit of organizing. I had some great help, and all in all it went well (with the exception of the calorie intake).  I even think the meeting did too! =)

Tomorrow we get organized for our departure on Saturday when we’ll be leaving on a jet plane to see friends in South Dakota.  Super excited about that! But lots to get done before we go!

All of this to say that it’s probably going to continue to be pretty quiet around here for the next couple of weeks. Did I mention that the day after we return from South Dakota we’ll be moving the house to our son’s driveway outside of Waco for a week?  Yep, more busy days ahead.

But I’m thinkin’ there will still be no morning alarms! (Except maybe snuggles from the grandboys!)

Stay well, my friends,