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It’s about time

It’s a funny thing about the way folks spend their time at a campground. All around us we see folks with their camp chairs out, grills at the ready, and bikes parked waiting for that spin around the lake. Their kayaks are loaded up and the fishing poles are ready for the next big catch. Somehow our time at a campground has a different flavor.
The first thing Gary did with his time was to empty out all the bays on the passenger side of Lizzie, clean them out, take stock of what was there and get them all reorganized and repacked.
Then he cleaned out the truck and worked on a couple of small repairs. Next he moved to the other side of the rig and tackled his tool bays.
He got it all back in –
Yes, this man has a good variety of tools!
Meanwhile…my time was spent at my computer working on that Year Nineteen memory book or (happily) sewing away on a quilt!
Oh, we’ve taken a drive or two
and checked out the dam that actually makes Lake Seminole.
There have been walks and naps and easy meals – exactly the way we like to spend our time at the campground.
But there is another thing about the time here at East Bank Campground. It’s really hard to tell exactly what time it is! We are right on the line between Eastern and Central time zones, and our phones are very confused! They seem to change time zones at will. We’ve kept the analog clocks set at Eastern (since that is the official time of the campground), but there is still confusion when we check our phones. (But let’s be honest- it doesn’t take much to confuse us these days!)

Tomorrow, even though there won’t be any turkey or precious family around our table, we’ll be taking time to be thankful for all the blessings the LORD has given us in this crazy life of ours. And we’ll be praying that whatever your Thanksgiving may look like – you’ll be giving Him the thanks also!

Hello from the East Bank

The East Bank Campground on Lake Seminole in Georgia, that is!

We’re here for the week between our SOWER projects, and we’ve had a great start! Today we were blessed with a practically perfect day, so I wanted to share this little walk-about – concluding with a lovely sunset!

(This little slide show may or may not be in the correct order – but I can’t figure out how to fix that!! Hope you enjoy it anyway!)

We looking forward to a fabulous week doing some old-school camping!
Have a blessed Lord’s Day, friends!

Another Walk-about

And this time it is literally a walk around the campground! It was a beautiful afternoon, and I could resist! However, if I tried getting each individual photo here, I’d be here well past midnight so (given the internet irregularities!) – here’s a little slide show (in approximate order!)

My favorite is the one in the header of this post. And in this one, if you look real hard you can see our red truck peeking out on the left.

Yep, so far this little R&R is working out just fine!

Isaac Creek Campground – Alabama River Lake

Quick Update –

  • We’ve made it safely to our campground for a little R&R between projects.
  • We’ve never been here before – but so far we’re lovin’ it.
  • We have one teeny tiny bar of phone service/internet (that comes and goes) – so this will be short and sweet.
  • I’ll do my best to keep up with my PAD’s, but this internet (or lack there of) might be slowing me down!
  • Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone!

Where did that R&R go?

Last morning at the campground. Sure hope the crackling fire didn't disturb the neighbors! #morninghasbroken #coffeeandcampfiresarethebest
My goodness, we had a lovely week off!! We slept in every morning, (yes, I slept in longer than Gary, but even he made it to 7 a couple of mornings. Which for him is sleeping in!), had campfires every evening,
made a couple of trips to the local ‘big city’ of Nampa (which has a Lowes and a Costco – what more could you want!), and pretty much just did what we wanted to do when we wanted to do it!
We watched the fish jumping in the snake river, and scoped out herons, egrets, American white pelicans, osprey and kingfishers all taking care of their end of the food chain. Our campground was lovely and green and even though it was quite full when we pulled in
by Monday afternoon, except for the long-term folks, we pretty much had the place to ourselves.
It’s been a very long time since we’d spent a full week at a campground (that didn’t involve grandchildren) and it was quite lovely to just kick back, take it slow, and catch our breath.
Pretty sure this is what they call the 'golden hour'. #goldenhour #r&r