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Home is where the heart is

Well, even though I often feel like my heart is actually tucked away at that little cabin in Vermont,
Untitledthe truth is – home is where we park it! And right now it’s still parked at Odosagih Bible Conference. The trip home was long – breakfast at a local (and newly reopened) diner, a quick nap before we even made it out of Vermont, then a stop at the Costco in Rochester. We picked up some favorite Costco items, but were mostly delighted to find gasoline at $3.99/gal! (Sad that makes us happy, right?) It made the long lines (each line was at least 8 cars deep) worth it. All in all about eleven hours from start to finish. But it was uneventful (in a travel sort of way) and we are thankful to be home. Monday we start our second month here at OBC. We’re working alone (as in we’re the only SOWERs here this month), which mostly means that Gary and I will be working together. I’ll let you know what kind of group leader he turns out to be!

I’ve been looking through some pictures from our Cabin time – so be prepared for some additional stories about that little red cabin up on the hill!

Thanks for stopping by! Praying that tomorrow brings you blessings as you spend time in corporate worship with fellow believers!Steph


Photobook Backlog

One of the things I’ve tried to do each year we’ve been on the road is put together a photobook of memories.
As you can see from the various sizes of the books, I’ve used a several different companies – Shutterfly, Costco, and Picaboo to name a few – and usually go with the one with the best sale or coupon at the time. Along with the Yearbooks,  I also like to make memory books for other special events – family reunions, special trips and of course, our adventures with our grandkids! This past month I’ve been working hard to catch-up on some bookmaking! Not only did I have our Year 17 Book to do (our ‘year’ runs from August 1 – July 31), I also wanted to document the wonderful Family Reunion at The Cabin we had in July and  I had TWO grandson adventure books to put together! Phew! I started with the easy ones – the ones for the grandboys. Those came together fairly easily, and I’m happy to report that those books are on their way to the appropriate grandson! (And my copy has been added to the library!)
The other two – The Reunion and Year 17 – are taking a bit more time. So many pictures – so many choices! Putting together a book of memories that took place over a week is so much easier than trying to condense an entire year into a photobook I can actually afford! But I’m plugging away and hope to be done before December at the latest!
Looks like I might need to commandeer some of Gary’s side of our bookshelf pretty soon….

I wrote a bit about my love of photobooks about ten years ago, so if you’d like some additional details, you can check it out HERE!

Saturday Errands

We had a pretty productive day today – how about you? We started the day with our co-workers Tom and Wendy who joined us for a bit of a walk about at the McKinney Third Monday Trade Days (which apparently is held on the weekend before the Third Monday of the month – go figure). It’s one of those gigantic flea market where you can purchase anything from Texas swag to fun decorative items to yard art to giant corndogs.
We weren’t looking for anything in particular, but still we managed to come home with some goodies –
Three scrubbies for Gary, a pair of earrings for me, and a Griswold cast iron frying pan for the kitchen. (Ok, it’s really for me….)
It was all I could do not to come right home and cook up some bacon!
I’m sure we missed some bargains, but I am happy to report that we made it down the puppy aisle without going home with one! There sure were some cuties, though!
Once we’d had our fill of Trade Days (and with our happy purchases in hand), we headed to In N’ Out for lunch.
(Picture is from a previous visit – I wasn’t very good at taking pictures today!)
Once we leave this area we will be out of In N’ Out land until this time next year, so it felt good to get one last cheeseburger, protein style, animal style. (If you know, you know. If you don’t, I’m sorry!)
After our burgers we were off to find a Little Free Library, Gary’s favorite book swap venue. We found one just outside McKinney and Gary was able to ‘Take a Book and Return a Book’. Or six.
(Hey, I saw those fun license plate letters at the Flea Market!)
After the book swap there was a quick stop at Lowes (we have a running Lowes list so when we see one, we stop) and then off to Costco. Lots of folks are surprised that we have a Costco membership since we obviously don’t have much room for buying things in bulk. For sure we don’t by paper towels and toilet paper there. But we do pick up our coffee, check out any bargains in the clothing department, maybe pick up a rotisserie chicken ($4.99!!) and see what else might tempt us. And we always, always pick up a couple cases of water (48-17oz bottles/$2.99!). Our list was short today, but another thing we really like about Costco is this –
Yes, that’s $1.589/gallon. Love this!
Last was quick run into Walmart to pick up a prescription and a few incidentals, and then we were headed home. All in all a good productive day – and we were home in time for a lovely afternoon snooze!

The rest of the day was pretty lazy – but hey, it’s the weekend right? Hope your day was the perfect blend of productive and easy chair too!


From Rural to Urban

We left French Camp Academy after a great project month
traveled a bit up the Natchez Trace
navigated our way through downtown Atlanta (at 5PM no less!)
(Trust me, it got way uglier than this. We just stayed in our lane and plodded along with all the other 9,435 cars that were also on I20 heading out of Atlanta)
and finally made our way to our December SOWER project – Camp Westminster in Conyers, GA. (Check out the Where are we now page for a map of our location!)


We unhooked our dependable gray truck for the last time (she is, as I write, being driven around by her new owners and will soon be on her way to Montrose Bible Conference where she will experience her first snowy winter!) and got settled in, awaiting our other two SOWER couples.

Once we got the house parked and plugged in, we took off for a jaunt to the nearest Costco for some long overdue eye exams. I’d like to say that ‘nearest’ actually meant ‘near’, but no. However since we were feeling the need for a Costco fix, back into the Altanta traffic we went. After two eye exams, two new pairs of glasses and a run through the store, it was a four $$$$ day. And we didn’t get heading back to Conyers until after three. (We’ve since been told that if you don’t get out of Atlanta by 3PM, you might as well just hang around until 7PM. We are seeing the wisdom in that!)
I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this picture of my eyeballs. Kinda crazy, right?

But I digress. The rest of our gang is settled in,

we all worshiped together this morning and enjoyed a nice quiet afternoon (which may or may not have included a nap). Tomorrow we start work – the guys will be tackling a multi-shower tiling job, and we ladies will be counting and entering new inventory for the gift shop. For all of my whining about the traffic, we’re looking forward to being a little bit closer to civilization (and shopping – tis the season after all!) this month. The camp is actually quite rural, but it’s only minutes to the interstate, and then voila – you’re in Atlanta!

Have a great week everyone! I’m sure it will a busy one for all!