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The Wrap-up

My goodness – there are so many things to wrap up around here!

There’s the December SOWER project wrap- up:
Once again, those three week just galloped by! The guys finished up painting ALL the bathrooms in Swann Lodge, and Gary finished up tiling and grouting those three showers.
Meanwhile, back at the inventory counting, we ladies came up with a plan for being able to identify different sizes in the myriad of tee shirts and tanks that we were counting. Since we were rolling all the stock, and securing them with rubber bands, we suggested that they use different color rubber bands for the different sizes. Genius, right? Well, maybe not genius, but at least it solved the problem. Our only complication was that they could only find bags of ‘assorted colors’ so our first job was to un-assort them!
We were fully qualified to do the task, and eventually we had all the stock neatly rolled and banded by color. Hopefully the rubber band concept will be a help in the days to come!
As we wrap up the SOWER project we marvel once again on the blessing of new friends and seeing how God is working through this camp!
Wrapping up Atlanta
OK, there really is no wrapping up Atlanta. There is so much to see and do in this area, but we found one big drawback to this area – the TRAFFIC. Oy! So many cars!! We really did a very bad job of seeing the sights of Atlanta, and the closest we came to exploring the history of the area was a Sunday afternoon drive through nearby Covington, to check out some of the Antebellum homes in that town.
The best Atlanta area thing we did was connect with my cousin Hannah and her daughter and a couple of her grandboys. They live on the other side(ish) of Atlanta, so we met in the middle at a nice park and had a delightful afternoon of reconnecting and catching-up.
Love being able to see family along our travels!
Wrapping up Christmas
Literally – wrapping up the presents!
Bet you’ve been doing some of that too! We only had one box to ship this year, and we got that out of the way last week.
Yea for Gary who did the honors in the rain!
The rest of the packages just get loaded in the truck since we’re heading north on Thursday to love on our Ohio kiddos and grands! It’ll be a long drive, but oh-so-worth-it!!

So that about wraps up this post!   Thanks for stopping by, and just in case I don’t get back this way ( ’cause you know – Grandkids!) for a bit –
May your days be filled with joy and gladness as we celebrate the miracle of the birth of our LORD!
Merry Christmas!