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One More in The Books

No, no – the project here at Whispering Pines has another day (or two, depending on the concrete delivery!) before that gets wrapped up. What is ‘in the books’ – signed, sealed and delivered – is Alexandra’s quilt.
You might recall back in May I talked about the tradition I’ve been carrying on about making each grandchild a bed quilt once they’ve outgrown their crib quilt. Over the years my time-line goal has changed from when they move into a ‘big bed’ to hopefully before they turn 7! Well, it was sweet Alexandra’s turn!
This is where we were when we left Ohio –
The fabric was purchased and the pattern had been chosen. By the time we were heading to the cabin to get ready for the Family Reunion, I had it cut out – which was a very good start! I even set up a little sewing corner at the Cabin to continue to make progress on it!
I finished up the squares in West Virginia, and started constructing it Oklahoma!
By the time we made it to Texas it was ready to get sandwiched. (Securing all three quilt layers before the actual quilting happens. Check out all those safety pins!)
Pretty thankful for that big table at the SOWER office!
Finally – it was time to do the actual quilting!
Man, that was a lot of straight(ish) lines!
Got it labeled,
and just a week after her 7th birthday this well traveled quilt that started in Ohio (then went to Vermont-West Virginia-Oklahoma-Texas) returned to Ohio!
I think it was a hit! It was a joy to make it for her and pray over all those stitches before I sent it on it’s way!

Next up is Taran – he turns seven in February.
Gulp. =) The clock is ticking……..

My Addiction

ATKtagalongtote_LRGToday I succumbed to one of my addictions. In the years since I acquired this pattern (2011) I have made this bag over 20 times. I’ve made them for all the grandgirls, a DIL, and both my sisters. I’ve made them for friends, I’ve made them for auctions, and occasionally I even get paid to make one. I often make them in pairs, since it’s just as easy to make two as it is one (like lasagna, right?!). I love it because it’s cute, functional, and I can make one/two from start to finish in a day. Apparently, I am unable to resist the urge to make one of these bags when I have my sewing machine out and I’m between projects. (Well, I’m not exactly between projects, but I am at a stopping point and I need some additional fabric to continue and I won’t have that until next weekend. So what to do with a mostly empty Saturday? Find three fat quarters that go together, and make a tote!) Now mind you, I have three of these bags in my stash drawer, but still I felt the need to make another. I think this will work just great for our upcoming cruise, don’t you?(43 days and counting!)
Or maybe it will just go into the stash! But all in all – it was a fun way to spend a Saturday!

I rummaged around in my pictures to see if I had any pictures of my little totes – and here is a selection of the product of my addiction!

Untitled IMG_8810 IMG_8806
IMG_8800 Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled IMG_8808

I love making these (complete with zipper closure and inside pocket), so if you have three fat quarters that you love together, let me know! I bet we can make a deal!