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Cabin Weekend

We left for our first Cabin weekend of the summer at Zero Dark Thirty on Friday morning
because there was much to be accomplished once we got there! In fact, we drove past the Cabin and went directly to Lowes to pick up supplies for the ongoing dock project.

Even with the Lowes detour we still arrived in the early afternoon and were able to enjoy the day!

Our to-do list was pretty long, but mostly my heart was just ready for some long overdue (or so it seemed to me) Family and Cabin time. Gary had plans to raise the dock about a foot from where he had left it last fall (thankfully it had wintered well!) and then get the decking at least laid (if not secured). We also had our annual Dwinell Cabin Association (DCA) meeting scheduled for early afternoon Saturday which involved  four other families joining us. Here’s how the weekend went –
Friday – on the road by 4AM,
arriving at the cabin a bit after 1. Gary began cutting the decking for the dock and I began sitting around visiting with my sister! (We were essentially crashing Joie & Fitz’s time at the cabin, but they seemed OK with it!). Elna & Henry joined us later in the afternoon, and we had a sweet evening of catching up before what promised to be a Very Full Saturday.
Saturday – Although Friday was sunny and in the 70’s, Saturday dawned with cloud cover and a promised high of about 56. Brrrrrr
It didn’t seem like a very good day to be IN the pond working on raising the dock, but we (OK, Gary) was not to be deterred! He had thought ahead and brought his fishing waders so he was in good shape.
The rest of us – not so much!
Along with the help of our sweet niece and her hubby (and a couple of cute kids and a young golden retriever who were not quite as helpful, but pretty darn cute) that first part of the Dock Project was accomplished before lunch.
(Although Bethany and I are not in the photos, trust me, we were there in the thick of things doing our part. I just couldn’t handle being a help AND being a document-er!)
We were ALL very thankful for that crackling fire when we returned from our dock raising exercise!
After lunch we all gathered for our Annual “Board of Directors” meeting for the DCA. What made this year’s meeting much more interesting and fun was that thanks to ZOOM, some tech smart kiddos and just enough WiFi from my phone, we enjoyed input from several other family members from OH, PA, MD, NY and NC!
cabin meeting
Here we are, in the midst of some discussion, with the computer attendees joining in!
It was a good meeting – especially with all the input from the next (and next after that!) generation!
After the meeting Gary and some willing helpers finished up the dock decking.

Despite the not-very-accommodating-weather, it was a lovely, lovely day indeed!
Here’s our attempt of a Family Selfie! Sure went a lot quicker than if I’d tried to get everyone organized! Gary just held up his phone, and said – “Make sure you can see yourself!”
I pretty much love this picture!
Sunday was a bit quieter. We cabin dwellers did some Church streaming and afterwards Gary cleaned up any remaining mess down at the pond. Of course it was a beautiful morning –
but still, we had to be on our way early in the afternoon!
This sweet Cabin visit just whet our appetite for MORE Cabin (and family) time – which hopefully will happen in July! After all, that dock still needs some work!

We’ll be Baaaaaccckkkk………

Reunion Vibes

The 2020 SOWER Family Reunion (Florida style) has wrapped up, and I have to tell you I am exhausted from all the fun!  The pictures are taking their time uploading and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to string more than a couple of sentences together. Since our 2020 Dwinell Cabin Association Family Reunion is only 141 days away, I thought I’d share some reunion pictures from our past DCA reunions-
2006 – Sandy Cove, MD. No group picture, so I just picked this one of the “Under eight crowd.”
2012 – at the Cabin – 38
2015 – Montrose Bible Conference – 49
2017 – Montrose Bible Conference – 48
2020 – The Cabin – TBD

Can’t wait!