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Quick Catch-up

Week One – Pre-meeting stuff at the SOWER office and some general down time.  Kinda laid back and all good!

Week Two – Meetings for Gary, meeting support for me.  A bit exhausting, but still a blessing. Naps were a necessity.


Week Three – Spending time with friends in South Dakota. More details to follow!


Week Four – Arrived in the Waco Area to spend a week with our kids and four grandsons.  The adventure is unfolding……



Stay tuned……

The Family Tree

Oh how it’s grown!
Generation One
Berton & Pauline Dwinell  (Mom & Dad)
Berton & Pauline Dwinell

Generation Two
The Four Siblings

The Four Siblings and Spouses
Generation Three
The Four Siblings, Spouses and Kids (missing 3)
The Four Siblings, Spouses, Kids and their spouses (missing 5)

Generation Four

EVERYONE (only missing 5! once we photoshopped in the bride and groom who arrived after the photo shoot!( No they were not coming from their wedding – it was just the photo available!))


Of the 39 cousins and second cousins, only 3 were missing (two were working and one was a week old).

Man, I love these crazy people!

How do I even begin…

We returned to our RV two days ago (from our longest ever Cabin stay) and I’ve been staring at this computer screen off and on for the better part of those days, trying to figure out how to consolidate the amazing, wonderful, joy-filled family reunion into a blog post. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t. It’s an impossible task, and I don’t need to even try! What I will try to do over the next few posts is share some highlights. So many precious memories were made at the pond,
or on the swings,
or during a massive Bingo game!
But whatever the activity, the magic ingredient was always this –

Being Crafty

I fear I have set a new precedent. As you probably know, I really enjoy sewing. And sewing for my kids always brings me joy. When there’s a new baby on the way, I usually make one for throw-on-the-floor use before the darling arrives, and then another more keepsake-y (though still sturdy) for after his or her arrival. (Of our 12 grandchildren, 6 were “wait until they’re born” before we knew if it was a boy or girl.) (Here’s a post about the last two I made!) Once we get past the baby stage, I do one twin size quilt after they move into a ‘big bed’. I started strong with our Ellie’s bed quilt – she got it for Christmas just before she turned 4.
The last one I completed was for Reis, who was 5 at the time.
Next up is Alexandra (who will be 7 in October!!). While I was waiting to find the opportunity to go shopping with Alex’s Mom, I decided to make a Graduation Quilt for Ellie (the recipient of all the ‘first’ quilts!). I didn’t want it to be a big deal (since once I started this route there would be 11 others following) so I decided to do it a in a smaller ‘throw’ size, with nice cuddly fleece on the back. I found a fabric line I thought she would like, picked up a ‘layer cake’ (forty 10″ squares) in that line, and went about making my first Graduation Quilt!
See the cozy fleece on the back?
So the sweet little girl holding the pillow in that first picture –
is all set with a snuggle blanket filled with Gram’s love as she heads off to college!
My youngest niece is having a baby boy next month (her first), and I was invited to my very first virtual shower. Since I had some nice grays hanging out in my stash (and I knew his room was done in gray), I was able to put together a little quilt for this newest member of our family in time for the party.
I loved the fun backing too!
(I think there are some matching pajama pants in someone’s drawer from a couple of Christmas’s ago!)
At any rate, it was a joy to send off a bit of Aunt Steph love to this sweet family about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

And finally – I did get a chance to hit a fabric store with Lara when we were in Ohio last month, and Alexandra’s quilt has officially been started!
It’s going to be bright and cheery – and hopefully will be on her bed by the time she turns seven!! I’ll keep you posted!

So the machine’s been out quite a bit lately – and I’m thoroughly enjoying it! It’s been good to get the quilting juices flowing again!
Thanks for reading through all this Show and Tell. I probably should’ve put a “Craft Warning” in the opening paragraph! =)



So Ohio was great! We were so excited when we learned late last year that an Ohio ministry had joined our SOWER family! And especially pleased that it was only about 45 minutes from our Ohio kids. Not in the same direction, mind you, but still. We didn’t make any weeknight jaunts (we are, after all, working folks during the week) but during the weekends we did manage to get in a couple of sporting events,
a Kentucky Derby Party
Kentucky Derby hats!
a lovely family Mother’s Day gathering
and even a purple manicure from an experienced technician.
Oh, and did I mention there were some fun games on the deck
and some lovely snuggles.
Being able to work at Heartland this May was especially fortuitous because it coincided with our oldest granddaughter’s high school graduation!
Ellie’s graduationNot sure where the years have gone – but we were delighted to be able to share in the festivities. Although we weren’t sure we’d be able to actually go to the ceremony with all of the COVID restrictions, at the last minute the family was granted a couple of extra tickets so 6 of us (7 counting the daughter in the band and already there) were able to be there in person.
OK, it was kind of a far away in person sort of thing, but it was still thrilling to see this young beauty take this momentous step.
Ellie’s graduation
(Pops stayed home with the boys and the baby and watched it on the TV!)
I loved watching the three oldest girls interacting together down on the field after the ceremony –
Ellie’s graduation
Ellie’s graduation
But I think maybe this one is my favorite!
Ellie’s graduation
Because, well, they’re sisters! And God made each one of them delightfully different!
Another highpoint of our time in Ohio was our last day when the whole clan (except Ellie B) came up to OUR Place for a picnic!
We took a fun hike
and the kiddos had a great time playing in the creek!
After we stuffed ourselves and folks began to pack up for the trek home I even remembered to get some group pictures before we said our final (for this time) good-byes! (Lord willing, we’ll be seeing them all in July at our Family Reunion at the Cabin!!!!)
Man, I love these guys! I think we might just have to volunteer at that Ohio project again!
The next morning we packed up and hit the road. But more on that later……
I know this has been long, and more than a little photo heavy, so thanks for persevering to the end! I did spare you from SOME of the photos, so if you’d like to see the rest of the set, you can check them out HERE!