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We’ve wrapped up our time at the cabin (sniff), returned to the rig in NY, did a bit of unpacking, and then Monday we drove the house down to my nephew’s home where we’re mooch-camping for a couple of days before we continue on our way south for our October SOWER project in North Carolina.
Chambersburg parking
But since there are still some Cabin-time things I want to share, here is a little backtracking of Cabin Highlights-
Every morning, on my first (daylight) trip to the outhouse, I stop at the same place (on a rock painted yellow for lawnmowing purposes) and take a picture of the view. Part of that is to document what time I’m getting up, but mostly it’s just to capture the first glimpse of what the day might hold. I do love this view!

Yep – the same view, but with a sunset! I’m not quite as diligent as I am with mornings, but I almost always check to see how the colors are coming over the mountain.
Nature’s Miracle
We love seeing lots of milkweed in the fields around the cabin, so I was delighted to find not one, but two monarch cocoons hanging on the outhouse. (I don’t know why they would choose the outhouse – but it was nice to have them so visible!)
While I didn’t see them actually emerge from their cocoon, we did enjoy the beautiful butterflies fluttering around the property for several days before we left!
Gary’s List
Gary’s list is always long, and this year was no exception.  He was often already out working by the time I was pouring my coffee, but I always thanked him for my peaceful mornings! Here is a little slide show of some of his projects –

But what I didn’t get a picture of was Gary in his corner on the back porch, where he would kick back in his comfy Adirondack chair, read a couple chapters of his current novel,  nibble on his favorite pretzel rods, and maybe enjoy his (only at the cabin) pipe.
He was a busy guy – doing exactly what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it! It’s his cabin love language.
And then there are these things
A double rainbow positioned perfectly over a beautiful Vermont barn.
What a beautiful reminder of God’s faithfulness!
Wildlife in the cabin field
Can you see them?
They’d visit every couple of days – and we loved to have them come.
This church

In a life where we are “professional church visitors”, this sweet church has embraced us as one of their own! We’re greeted with hugs, fed from the Word, and challenged each service we attend. We love the Bradford E-Free Church (and the people there!).
And lastly –
Morning fires
The weather got crazy hot our last week there so we had to pass on our morning fire, but until then I almost always woke up to the crackle of the fire and the scent of freshly brewed coffee.
The Best!
So that about wraps up our final Cabin time for 2023! It was filled with friends and family, chores and naps, and most of all beautiful memories! You know there are more pictures, so if you’d like to see them, you can check them out HERE!

Real-time update – we left our mooch-camping spot in Chambersburg this morning, and began our drive to Union Mills, NC.
We’ve made it as far as the North Carolina Welcome Center where we are snugged in for the night (with lots of trucks). Tomorrow will be a fairly short drive (under 150 miles) to our final destination – Center for Intercultural Training – our October SOWER project. But we don’t start work for a couple of weeks. First, we drive to Texas….but more on that later!

Thanks for stopping by!