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First World Problems

I have to confess, I have been struggling with a classic First World Problem. For the last 3-4 weeks we have had little to no internet and no cell phone service. Pretty much we’ve muddled through with enough ‘juice’ to stay on top of our emails, a couple of trips to a local coffee shop ‘down the mountain’ to do a bit more heavy duty stuff and the availability of a land line (in the camp office) to make necessary calls.  Apparently, I am more addicted to internet access than I realized! We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Sugar Pine Christian Camp and have lots to share, not only about the camp and our time there, but also about our trips to Yosemite and Kings Canyon. So.Much.

So once you combine sketchy internet, a busy SOWER project, travel days filled with sight-seeing, and a SOWER newsletter deadline that is looming – well, that’s my big excuse for the deafening silence here at Rvthereyet.  (Totally First World, I know!) And, since the next four days will likewise be filled with travel and the next couple of days after that filled with GRANDKIDS – I think the best I can do is to promise that once life get back to a more normal rhythm (hopefully next week sometime), I’ll be bombarding you with photo-rich posts. Posts after posts after posts. Picture after picture after picture.  In the meantime, feel free to check out my photos page – my current Instagram photos and Flickr uploads will show up there to give you a glimpse of how we’ve been keeping ourselves busy!

Thanks for your patience – see you next week sometime!!