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Mondays are for Memories – South Florida Green

Since last week (here in Texas, and in many other parts of the country) was pretty yucky, I thought I’d do a little walk down memory lane from when we were in the Florida Keys. It was a while ago – January 2011 – but still the memories are sweet!
that gardening is not one of my favorite things. I don’t especially like the prickly, itchy sweat that usually happens, I don’t really like getting my hands dirty, and I’ve never felt like I really knew what I was doing. On my SOWER skill sheet (we fill them in every year), I give “landscaping” a 1. Which in Sower-speak means I “Do not have experience in this area, but am willing to help someone doing a project including these skills”. (They don’t have a skill level for – “I just plain don’t like to do this”. That’s a good thing, I’m sure!) So of course, in God’s providence, there has been plenty of “landscaping” (weeding, trimming, clean-up) to do here at Island Christian School. 🙂 My trusty partner in gardening crime, Marlene, and I have been tackling some of the front gardens this week, and I confess that while I’ve gotten hot and sweaty and even a little rashy at times, it’s been fun. Today was especially a treat.
First of all I got to drive a golf cart.
Always fun.
Even though neither Marlene or I had any experience with this particular type of shrub, we jumped right in, snipping away and trying to make the whole bed just a little more manageable.
But this hedge of whatever it was held a very special treat –
Can you see it? I had just climbed out from back by the fence when I turned around and saw that this little fellow had been keeping me company.
His tail reaches to the bottom of the picture!
“Do you like my ruffles? It’s the latest in Iguana Wear.”
“Will you be finished soon? You’re kind of in my space.”
We left him/her to dump our load of debris and take our morning break, but when we returned he/she was still there. Just trying to be one with the tree, it seems.

Looks like next year I might have to “up” my skill rating on Landscaping to a “2” – “Have done this type of job in the past but will need supervision and/or instruction.”
Who says you can’t teach an old dog a new trick!

RV Gardening

Every now and again I get a random request from someone to use one of my photos for a travel brochure or an online something or other. Oh, no money has ever changed hands, but still – it’s nice to be asked! Recently I had a request to use this picture of my dashboard garden in a blog post about RV gardening.
(I confess this has been a favorite ‘dashboard’ picture of mine since it includes a picture of my family, a fabric rendition of The Cabin, flowers given to me by my hubby, my traveling dashboard plants, and over in the corner my small collection of rocks. Plus – it’s sitting on a little quilt! It’s like a small collection of my favorite things! (And it looks so tidy – not a common state of the dashboard!) But to get back on topic…..)

Sure, I said! And asked for a link to the article when she published it.  That happened last week, so if you’d like to check it out – HERE you go! It turns out there are many, many, MANY options for maintaining a green thumb while you’re traveling!

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