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It’s really handy

being married to someone who’s really handy!

I was just finishing up the dinner dishes tonight when we suddenly lost all power. We could see lights across the way so we knew it was just our problem.  And it probably wasn’t just a thrown breaker. We’d had a bit of an electrical issue when we first arrived and this might’ve been related, but regardless – Gary was on it! (We need to either run the generator or use ‘shore power’ to run our refrigerator and we had disconnected the generator to fix the previous problem. So you see the urgency here!)
This time the problem was a burnt up plug and outlet.
Thankfully he had all the components to construct a new plug
and there was a second outlet on the pole we could use.
It wasn’t the easiest of repairs, but he had us back up and running before too long. Phew!
I would’ve taken more pictures, but it’s really hard to be the official light source AND the camera crew.
Just sayin’.
Nothing like a little electrical excitement to add a spark to our first day of work!