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Wait. July?

When did that happen??? We’ve been at The Cabin for just about two weeks now, and we are totally losing track of the time. Gary asked me yesterday if it was Wednesday, and I had to really give it some thought before I could answer in the affirmative. (And even then I checked my phone…..). But our time here has been wonderful!

In just two short weeks a multitude of family members (like over 60) will be descending on The Cabin (though most are not staying right at The Cabin) for a Thursday-Tuesday Family Reunion.  About 90% of the family will be here, and we are all super stoked.  And super busy!

So as I count down to the Reunion, I’ll be sharing some random photos I’ve taken over the last for weeks. Some in the ‘getting ready’ category, some in the ” just because” column. Here’s one in the “hmmm…” department –
Gary picked up some hole saws he’d had sharpened at a hardware store here in Bradford. (He loves this service – says they come back sharper than when they are new).
Apparently, hole saws are to Gary what quilting rulers are to me. Ya just can’t have too many!

Sweet dreams friends!