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April is full of surprises!

I know it’s not quite April yet – but still, there are exciting days ahead!
We’re hanging out at the SOWER headquarters in Lindale, TX this month for a two-fold reason. One is that we’ll be working on the new SOWER building at the SOWER office, which involves Gary installing the HVAC.

The building is nearing completion, so I know I’ll be busy working with the team to finish up many of the other odds and ends!
But the second reason is pretty exciting to us too! Come Monday (4/1) we will be the owners of this sweet little (but more than twice the size of our dear Lizzie) cottage in the Bass Lake Christian Retirement Community.

I’ll have lots to share in the weeks ahead as we once again (after almost 20 years) enter into this adult thing called homeownership – but for now I just wanted to share that we are here and safe (and maybe just a little overwhelmed!). Are we really ready for this?
Later, friends!

PS – We’re not coming off the road – just finally setting up a “Home Base”. In the map below, the star towards the bottom of the map is where son Josiah and his family live! Not quite next door, but way closer than we’ve been for many, many years! Sweet!