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Joshua Tree National Park, Part III

We took advantage of our last Friday in this area to finish seeing Joshua Tree National Park. Of course, we still didn’t see it all. Aside of all of the trails to hike, there are all of those rocks to climb. We did take in a nature trail or two, but mostly we were just enjoying our drive through the deserts. (Joshua Tree NP is where the Colorado Desert joins the Mohave Desert. Just so you know.)
Joshua Tree NP
The east side of the park is much more desert, and much less rock, but it still was interesting.
Here’s the map –
JoshuaTree Map
(Not that you can see it very well, but the blue is our “getting there” route, and the orange is our “getting home” route.)
And here are pictures from along the way….
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-1
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-2
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-5
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-6
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-7
We did stop at the cholla garden –
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-9
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-10
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-11
And while we saw lots of interesting sights along the way –

Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-20 Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-16 Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-14 Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-13

I do believe that this is what Gary had been looking for all along!
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-24
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-26
Ah, yes. Tire tracks through the desert. A Gary kind of road!
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-27
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-29
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-31
And then there was the …road? Which way did it go?
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-34
We knew we had chosen well, when we finally spotted the Salton Sea in the distance –
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-36
The road began to improve (and I use the term loosely) and we could see I10 in the distance.
Joshua Tree NP 2.26.10-39
Another dirt road adventure completed successfully!
Oh, we did find another canyon road to finish up the day – and it was a very pretty drive.
Box Canyon Road 3
But, hey – it’s PAVED!

Joshua Tree Revisited

Back in November we made our first foray into Joshua Tree National Park. It was a great day, and we knew we wanted to return. Today we finally made it back to check out a couple more sections of this fascinating park.
The Keys Ranch – or Desert Queen Ranch – Tour
The ranger-guided tour of the ranch includes the colorful story of the 60 years Bill and Frances spent working together to make a life and raise their five children in this remote location. The ranch house, school house, store, and workshop still stand; the orchard has been replanted; and the grounds are full of the cars, trucks, mining equipment, and spare parts that are a part of the Desert Queen Ranch story.Ok – that’s the official summary. Here’s the reality –
Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-1
We didn’t have a long walk to get to the ranch from our parking spot, but to say the ranch was “remote” was quite the understatement.
Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-2
Thanks to the recent rain (this area got over 4 inches – quite a deluge for them), there was actually water flowing in the stream. Our ranger/guide said it was the first time he didn’t have to say “imagine water running here….”
Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-3
Here’s the first view of the ranch –
Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-4
The actual ranch house –
Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-5
Windmill and well –
Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-6
Here’s that stream again –
Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-7
These folks never threw anything away, and made their living any way they could think of. When the area became a national park, they opened a small store and even had a couple of cabins available for hardy travelers.
Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-8
Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-9
Here’s one of the cabins –
Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-10
Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-11
Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-12
It was a very interesting tour – and it made me realize how very hardy and innovative the Keys family was. Someone lived at this ranch until 1969 and it’s a real testimony to the American Spirit.
Barker Dam Trail
From the Ranch we took a short drive over to the Barker Dam trailhead. William Keys helped with this dam in the early 1900’s with other area ranchers. I don’t know if there is always water in this reservoir, but again thanks to last week’s rain, we were treated to some lovely water views. It was a great short hike – really just perfect for our little group of 6.
Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-13
Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-14Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-15
(I loved the color on this one.)
And finally the reservoir –
Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-16
Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-17
Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-18
Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-19
Here we all are for the official “group shot” –
Keys Ranch-Barker Dam-21
We had a really fun day – learned a little history, marveled at the ingenuity of man and the Masters’ creation around us, and finished it off with great lunch at the Crossroads Café in the town of Joshua Tree.

We still have about half of Joshua Tree National Park to explore, so I hope we’ll get a chance to do at least more excursion!