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Real Time Update (RTU) – Siding!

Since we picked up the siding for the treehouse from our friends who have a small sawmill on Saturday,
and we had an extra set of hands today (Lynne, my cohort in the Mother’s Day ice cream treat)
it only seemed right that we get started on the treehouse siding!
The tricky part of putting siding on a treehouse is that it is HIGH!! Gary was on the scaffolding (and then on the ladder on the scaffolding) and I was way higher than my comfort zone high on the ladder, making sure the board was lined up with ‘the mark’. And then holding it there while he screwed it into the wall.
(Lynne was my most excellent ladder holder and she only walked away to take this picture. Can you see how I’m hugging that tree???)
It was quite the day to be sure. Although you might consider that tree to be in the way, but for me it was just a little bit of extra security! Yes, I was a tree-hugger today!
Thankfully we got the first side done not too long after lunch.
Looks pretty cool, right?

Tomorrow he’ll move the scaffolding around to do the back. There’s a window there, so that will make it a little bit more tricky. And my ladder-holder is leaving tomorrow morning, so that could be a complication too! We’ll see how it all works out!
Trust me, it may look precarious, but I’m a pretty big chicken if it doesn’t feel safe.  Gary is very careful to make sure the ladder is secure before I head up it! Since he likes me and everything!

We’ll have to see just how far we get tomorrow!