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The rest of the story

Following the 2010 Census, I relayed the following exchange that happened with a hardworking Census Bureau employee –

*Hello, this is Doris from the Census Bureau. Can I please speak to either Gary or Stephanie Conrad?
-This is Stephanie
*Hello! I have some questions about your location from your census form.
*Well, can you tell me exactly where you were on April 1st?
Let’s see….April 1st we were parked in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Prescott, AZ
*A Wal-Mart Parking lot in Arizona? Well, it says here on your form that your address is in Lake City, FL.
Well, it is. But we live full time in our motorhome and on April 1st. we were in Arizona. But I figured you really wanted to know where we got our mail, and registered our vehicles – that kind of stuff.
*But we really need to know where you were physically on April 1st.
The Wal-Mart in Prescott, AZ.
*Well, where were you going from the parking lot.
On April 2nd, we went into a conference center outside of town and stayed there for about three weeks. And before that we were in Palmdale, CA.
***confused pause*** Actually I called because we were having trouble locating your Lake City, FL address. Could you give me the closest crossroads for that address.
-I’m sorry, but I’ve never been there.
***longer pause***
*But it’s your address.
I know, but it’s actually a mail-forwarding company and we just have a manila folder there. I’m pretty sure it does exist, though.
*Do you know anything about where it’s located.
*Well, thanks for your help. I think.

Then this weekend…..

I’ve always felt a little bad about poor confused Doris, so when I realized that our project this month (in Live Oak, FL) was just down the road from Lake City it just seemed right that I should solve the mystery of just what those “closest crossroads” are.


Turns out the closest crossroads are actually Interstate 75 and Hwy 90. I was a little puzzled when we turned right just before the on ramp to I75 onto NW Knights Blvd. We drove past a couple of motels and a health clinic, and there at the end of the road was our never-before-seen-by-us mail forwarding service that we used for over 10 years.
I was a little under-impressed, but they served us well for those 10 years, so as long as they can get the job done – all is well.

So, Doris, I can see where it might’ve been difficult to actually locate this business! But if you were to ask again (now that we’ve moved into a file folder in Livingston, TX) we can help you with that.  Because  we’ve actually been there!

Have a great week, friends!