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Wrapping it up

Right now we’re half in and half out of a tire store in Fairfield, Maine and some guys is  having a really hard time getting our back “dualies” off. More on that story later!
But for now, let’s talk about our time at Living Waters Camp.
We’ve already gone over the wonderful lakefront view, but here’s a new one in case you’ve forgotten!
Lakefront again
Yes, this is a beautiful location for a camp! But this past month wasn’t just about the beautiful view. We did get some work done too! Honest!
I can’t say I have lots of pictures of the guys working, but I KNOW they finished up all the work that had been laid out for them in the first two weeks, and then the third week they worked on new RV sites at a different location! They did, as usual, lots of little maintenance jobs that had been piling up over the summer
Jay and John
but I think their biggest job was siding the back of one of the barn buildings.
Red barn
I’m happy to report that Gary spent most of his time getting boards ready to be hung and not actually up on the ladders!
Gary in action
Gary in action – literally! 🙂
We girls spent our time in one of my favorite places – the camp kitchen. Of course some of our chores allowed us to work outside too, like peeling 100# of potatoes twice a week,
Potatoes - Monday and Thursday
but we also got to help with cutting & chopping other veggies, stretching out homemade pizza dough, and even putting together lasagna for the masses. And we also endeared ourselves to the summer staff (mostly college kids) by staying on top of the dishes!
And we washed dishes
Yes, they loved us! Even if Rosie is a little fuzzy here!
Here’s a totally (as you can easily see) un-posed picture of some of our favorite kitchen people!
The Kitchen Crew
Yes, all the kitchen work was fun! One day it was pretty quiet so Rosie started doing a little cupboard cleaning/organizing. She came upon this grouping of gadgets all nicely labeled –
Random Junk
“Random junk that we almost never use so we hoard it here”
I think we ALL have those places – just maybe not so honestly labeled!
Here are a couple of other random shots from around the camp –
You know about Rock Gardens, right
How about a Crock Garden?
Crock Garden
And in a nearby garden I spotted this interesting butterfly*
Butterfly drab
I was also delighted to catch him (well, it might have been a her) showing just a little more color!
Butterfly vivid
Here’s our group shot (it’s a SOWER tradition to always take a Group Shot. The trick is to actually remember WHO is in the group!)-
Living Water Group
And what a fun group and what a blessed month!
Living Waters - Maine2
There are couple more Living Waters pictures here, if you’re interested!

As always, it was hard to say good-bye to such dear friends (including the new ones we made this month!), but there are some exciting things ahead for us too! Today, it’s new tires and alignment (and being happy for a high credit limit on the AMEX!). Tomorrow it’ll getting to VT and settling ol’ Lizzie (with her fancy new tires) into her parking spot in Bradford where she’ll be resting for a couple of weeks. Saturday it’s off to a wedding in Woodstock, Sunday it’s worship and lunch with some favorite family members, and then Sunday afternoon we’re off to PA to FINALLY meet our sweet little Weston.
And hug his dad and mom too!

*PS – For those of you need-to-know folks (kinda like me) my research indicates that the butterfly is a Hoary Comma (Polygonia gracilis).  However, the he/she question remains unanswered!

East Grand Lake

There is just “something” about lakefront view, isn’t there?
Our view of East Grand Lake was no exception!
Even as the day clouded over, the view continued to captivate me-
Aug 2011 373
It’s been tough arriving for breakfast and having to look out the window at this –
Lake Early
Ah, the early morning mist!
With a view like this, the clouds are always painting a new picture –
and then just moments later, the canvas changes….
Whether the sky was blue
or threatening
and whether we were watching kids getting ready for an adventure
or just hanging around peeling potatoes –
the view of this beautiful lake was always inspiring.
Lake at Sunset-1
How very blessed are we!

“He leadeth me beside the still waters, He restoreth my soul”
Psalm 23:2b-3

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Baptist Park Camp

Baptist Park-7
Well, it’s been quite a month here at Baptist Park Camp outside of Presque Isle, Maine. I’ve shared a bit about things we’ve done in our “down” time here, but I thought you might like to learn just a little about the camp itself and what we’ve been doing during the week.
I’ve said before that every SOWER project has it’s own “flavor” and this little camp is no exception. The staff has welcomed us in as family, we’ve been working with John and Rosie (our Alaskan Adventure buddies that we haven’t worked with since AK), the SOWER jobs have been interesting and varied, and the camp has been in full swing! Nothing like a variety of young folks coming and going to make for very fun month!

Here are some shots from around the camp –
Our Campground –
Baptist Park-20
See that brown building?
Baptist Park-10
That’s the dining hall! We were able to visit there three times a day, 5+ days a week!! Huge blessing to our budget (not so great for the diet! My goodness, did they have great food!)
Going down the road to left of the dining hall you come to the pool.
Baptist Park-23
What? An indoor pool? Although it seemed somewhat extravagant at first, it really makes a lot of sense in an area that has a pretty short outdoor swimming season and plenty of campers who really, really, really want to go swimming – rain or shine, cool or hot!
Baptist Park-32
Then there’s the zipline –
Baptist Park-22
and on the other side of our camping area is the Frog Pond –
Baptist Park-16
Baptist Park-19
You wanted that frog close-up, didn’t you?
Here’s a more typical pond shot from me –
Baptist Park-17
🙂 Gotta get those flowers in there!
Other heavily used buildings are the Tabernacle –
Baptist Park-3
and the Craft Shack.
Baptist Park-9
But what, you may be asking, did you do for the SOWER projects?
The project started off with putting in a garage door where there had previously been only an entrance door and a window.
Baptist Park-4
Then they did the electric so the building (previously just storage) could be the new maintenance shop. From there they moved on to a couple of roofing projects,
Baptist Park-2
and as they came to the end of the list, they worked with the maintenance guys to raise and level out two cabins!
Baptist Park-12
Baptist Park-1
It’s amazing what two old guys and a back-hoe can accomplish!
We ladies had a great month – we helped out with registration
Baptist Park-24
and spent the rest of our time sewing!!! We made curtains for the dining hall (15 windows, cabinet cover, table runners), kitchen (6 windows), nurse’s building (5 windows), and a cabin (2). I must admit that I love when I get to be a sewing SOWER!
Baptist Park-26
But really the most fun was watching and interacting with the kids!
Can you spot Rosie there with the Puddlejumpers? She had a little one attached for most of the morning!
Gotta love a little petting zoo and the day camp pre-schoolers!
Some of the actual petting zoo was not so enamored with all the attention!
Mama, help me!!! Hide me!!

How blessed we’ve been to be part of this camp!  We’ve made some wonderful friends this month, and I confess that leaving here will bring that bittersweet taste of saying good-bye to summer camp friends!  But we’ll see you again – here, there, or in the air, dear friends!

And just what flavor is this camp?  Well, I’d have to give it Moose Tracks – one of my all time favorites!
This morning we’re packing up and heading out! Next stop – New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island!!!! Hopefully I’ll find some Internet along the way, but if not, I’ll see ya in a week!

Seeing Maine

OK, let’s be real. Maine’s a pretty big state. And the part that we’re in? Well, that’s the part that they have to chop off and put on the side just so it can all fit on the Road Atlas page.
Maine Map1
The map calls it “Northern Maine”, but around here, they just call it “up-state”.
Maine Map2
Potato Country.
Moose Country.
Since Saturday was a perfect day for a drive, we set out to check out the Potato Blossom Festival and take a drive up Rte 1. All the way up Rte 1 – to the very northeastern most town in the USA –
Madawaska, ME. You knew that, right? (me neither!). But a little farther up the road was Fort Kent – home to “America’s First Mile” – the start of Route 1.
While we can’t say we’ve driven the whole length of Route 1, we now can say we’ve been to both ends –
KW Southernmost friends
That does count for something, right?
At any rate, it was a beautiful day for a drive, and we were not disappointed. I’ve already mentioned the potato fields, but the wildflowers along the edges of the fields were stunning!
I’m pretty sure this was a Catholic Church in Fort Kent –
Have you ever seen a steeple like that?
I believe it’s wrought iron –
and quite beautiful, I think!
We checked out the blockhouse in Fort Kent (home to the bloodless Aroostook War in 1839)
and walked along the Fish River that flows into the St. John River (the border between New Brunswick, CA and Maine).
There were beautiful canola fields –
a relatively new crop in Maine. I’m not very agriculturally savvy, so I don’t know all of the benefits of growing canola as an alternative to potatoes, but I do know those fields make for bursts of beautiful color in the landscape!

Bottom line – it was a great drive! This part of Maine is quite surprising to me. While I knew it would be different than the coast, I did not realize it was such a farming area. On our drive home (down Rte 11, if you want to check on the map at the top of the post) we traveled through heavily forested areas, much more what I was expecting.
Yep, I’m pretty happy we decided to come to Up-State Maine!

Hereare some more pictures of our drive and our quick visit to the Potato Blossom Festival if you have another minute or two!

It’s a Small World

Earth 2
or is it?
Stretching along Rte 1 from Houlton to Presque Isle, Maine, is a 40-mile-long model of the Solar System. The scale is 1:93,000,000. At this scale, one mile equals the distance from the Earth to the Sun. We had noticed Saturn on our way North as we zipped by in the RV –
“Hey, that looked like Saturn back there…..” –
so it seemed like a worthwhile challenge for us to find the rest of the solar system on our drive to the Houlton Fair last weekend.
We started with the Sun – at the center of things.
The sun was represented by this arch in a building at University of Maine, Presque Isle that isn’t open on the weekends, so this will have to do for our starting place!
From there –

Mercury Venus

Mercury and Venus
Earth with its Moon
This is Ceres – one of the “new” dwarf planets, and an asteroid belt (both of which seem to need just a bit if lovin’).
But next up is Jupiter, with four moons –
Wow – it’s almost a rest stop!
Ok, next is Saturn (see above :)) and then Uranus –
and Neptune –
And finally – Pluto –
Which is really itsy-bitsy-teeny-tiny…..
Ok, so I suppose this post is a little geeky, but I really found this model fascinating. With a scale of 1 to 93 million, it really puts those high school solar system models in perspective. And then when you think that our solar system is just one tiny part of an amazingly huge (if not infinitely huge) universe, it just boggles my mind. And yet, our little earth is tilted just the right way, with just the right atmosphere that it sustains life. Our life. Us.

I look up at your macro-skies, dark and enormous,
your handmade sky-jewelry,
Moon and stars mounted in their settings.
Then I look at my micro-self and wonder,
Why do you bother with us?
Why take a second look our way?

Yet we’ve so narrowly missed being gods,
bright with Eden’s dawn light.
You put us in charge of your handcrafted world,
repeated to us your Genesis-charge,
Made us lords of sheep and cattle,
even animals out in the wild,
Birds flying and fish swimming,
whales singing in the ocean deeps.

God, brilliant Lord,
your name echoes around the world.
Psalm 8, The Message