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Shooting the moon

shooting the moon-7
This past weekend there was a glorious full moon. According to moon-watcher folks, it was spectacular in that the moon was as close to the earth as it’s been in the last 18 years or so. A couple of us did our best to find just the right spot to photograph this Super Moon, and while the results weren’t nearly as spectacular as the moon itself, watching it rise was beautiful.
shooting the moon-1
shooting the moon-2
shooting the moon-3
shooting the moon-4
shooting the moon-6
shooting the moon-8
shooting the moon-9
I’d really like to say my camera just wasn’t up to the challenge, but I believe it was more operator deficiency than camera.
shooting the moon-5
I guess a tripod would have been a good idea, too!
Good thing I have another 20 years or so to hone those “shooting the Super Moon” skills!

Arizona Sky

I’m sure you’ve noticed how much I’ve enjoyed the terrain here in Arizona. Have you seen enough pictures of cacti? How about another majestic mountain? Well one other spectacular aspect in this neck of the woods is the beautiful Arizona sky. The sunsets and sunrises bless me almost every day. This morning –
arizona sky
How can you not begin the day in awe of our great and mighty God?
Tuesday night….
arizona sky-1
arizona sky
Wednesday night…..
arizona sky
Even the reflected sunset is beautiful –
arizona sky

And tonight a full moon.
moon zoom
(Brought to you up close and personal thanks to my new camera (Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas to me!))