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Mother’s Day – 2022

It was a very different Mother’s Day this year for me. Oh, my kiddos called and gave me lots of Momma love, and we even celebrated the day at a lovely luncheon put on by a very special niece and nephew. It was a beautiful spring day (after two solid days of rain) and there was love abounding. But still, it was hard. My lovely Mom has been in Heaven 26 years, but I still miss her – especially on these Hallmark card days. And since I remember well the ‘hard’ of those first couple of Mother’s Days in the years following Mom’s passing, I was especially aware of how hard this day must’ve been for my nieces and nephew who lost their mom just a week ago. Today on social media, Bethany posted these words –

My mother, my favorite person in all the world, is not here, not reachable by phone or touch or text or…but that invisible string maybe… and I’m so glad she gave her life to love. In honor of her daily choice to love and love more and fight and stay standing, I will say as she said “I just want to be more full of Jesus.”

May we all say the same!
And in her honor also –

I will pray rejoicing from my heart
Pray rejoicing from my heart
For in Him my victory’s lifted high
His salvation is my cry
He has overcome my enemies
Our praises scorn the enemy
I delight in His deliverance
The Lord is our deliverance

Pass the promise
To our sons and daughters
God most high, God our Father
We bear witness

There is no one holy like the Lord
Holy, holy is the Lord
Our Rock and refuge is our God
All the earth belongs to God
Do not speak with pride of noble deeds
For the Lord will weigh our every deed
See the strong have lost, the weak have gained
And from the dust my life He raised

Pass the promise
To our sons and daughters
God most high, God our Father
We bear witness

He will guard the feet of faithful ones
He will hold His faithful ones
But the wicked they will not prevail
Not by might will man prevail
He is coming soon to judge the earth
He is coming soon to judge the earth
For the Lord gives power to His King
All Strength to His Anointed King

Pass the promise
To our sons and daughters
God most high, God our Father
We bear witness [x4]

We bear witness [x2]

Happy Mothers Day in Heaven

Dear Mom,
Tomorrow is Mothers Day  – my 24th Mothers Day without you!  Although I can now get through singing “It is Well with my Soul” without tears, I confess that the mellow tones of a cello always makes my heart constrict a bit and I am taken back to those nights of falling asleep to the sound of you practicing for your next concert.  The memories are so very sweet!

Oh, how I wish you could see how your grandchildren have grown into fine adults and then meet your beautiful great-grandchildren (you have 40 in total from all of us and I’m not all that sure that’s the final number). But then again – maybe you already knew that!

Happy Mothers Day in Heaven, Mom! Thank you for loving us so very well.