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Campobello Island

Raise your hand if you knew that Franklin D. Roosevelt had a summer home on a Canadian Island.  Did I miss that when I changed schools when I was in 3rd grade?  Well, it turns out that just off the coast of the Easternmost city of the US (that would be Lubec, ME – you knew that, right?) is the beautiful Campobello Island and that….”(f)or many years, Franklin D. Roosevelt summered on Campobello Island. As an adult, he shared with his family the same active pursuits he enjoyed on the island as child. Although he visited less frequently after contracting polio, Campobello remained important to FDR. Today Roosevelt Campobello International Park serves as a memorial to FDR and a symbol of cooperation between the U.S. and Canada.”  (thank you, National Park Service).

Since this lovely island was only a couple of hours south of here (and there were three couples to share the fuel expense) we set out to do some ‘sploring on Saturday morning.
Crossing mist-1
We knew we were in for a great day when the view just crossing the bridge was wonderful!
Crossing mist-2
Crossing mist-3
We stopped at the first overlook –
Friars Head-1
for a view of the harbor….
Friars Head-2
Friars Head-3
Wait a minute – what are those big round things in the water?
Friars Head-4
Turns out those are part of New Brunswick salmon fish farming industry. Inquiring minds want to know. (You did want to know too, didn’t you?)
After a lovely picnic lunch, we continued on to FDR’s summer cottage –
Campobello Cottage-2
Campobello Cottage-3
Campobello Cottage-4
We thoroughly enjoyed the self-guided tour through the modestly furnished “cottage”,
Campobello Cottage-2-1
Campobello Cottage-3-1
Campobello Cottage-6
strolled around to the back
Campobello Cottage-9
and ended our visit with a walk to the beach.
Campobello Cottage-10
Campobello Cottage-12
FDR was on an extended vacation at this cottage in 1921 when he contracted polio. In the years to follow he would only return three times, although Eleanor and his children continued to vacation there. Along with the National Park website, here is another site which has much more information about FDR and his connection to Campobello Island.

But FDR’s summer cottage is not the only point of interest on Campobello Island.  We continued up the island
to Head Harbour and the East Quoddy Lighthouse.
East Quoddy Lighthouse-2
East Quoddy Lighthouse-4
We noticed several boats in the harbor, and thinking they might be whale watching boats we hung around for a while to see what we could see. Sure enough, we spotted a school of harbor porpoises and then to our delight a whale surfaced in front of us! We saw him twice as he made his way across the harbor, and never with the camera ready of course, but we were thrilled nonetheless! This fellow popped up long enough for me to take his picture – in fact, he seemed to be waiting for me to take his picture.
East Quoddy Lighthouse-3
The lighthouse is unreachable for most of the day. Since this is located on the Bay of Fundy (remember those huge tidal shifts from the Hopewell Rocks?), it also experiences those extreme high and low tides.
East Quoddy Lighthouse-11
Can you make out the iron stairs on the left side of the island? There’s a matching set of steps where we were standing, and (at your own risk) you can cross the channel at low tide each day. Needless to say, we were just watching the water rushing through the channel – there would be no walking on the ocean floor for us that day!
But all around it was so beautiful
East Quoddy Lighthouse-10
East Quoddy Lighthouse-6
that we were quite content to stay on dry ground and just soak it all in.
It was a great day, but we did have a 2 1/2 hour drive home, so after a stop for some fortification (ice cream), we headed off the island. But I couldn’t resist a photo of the  Mulholland Lighthouse on the southern tip of the island (photo taken while waiting to clear customs), and then one of Lubec, ME waterfront.
Mullholland lighthouse
Lubec ME-1
We also spotted this interesting dwelling as we were waiting our turn at the border –
Lubec ME-2
Gotta love American ingenuity!

Thanks for coming along on our little history/scenic jaunt back into New Brunswick. I’ll leave you with one last photo that really could have been taken just about anywhere, but was indeed taken in the gardens of FDR’s summer cottage on Campobello Island.
Campobello Cottage-1-1

Ah, the perfection of creation!

Hope you had a good weekend, everyone! We sure did!


Behind the scenes…..

Because we, the Conrads, and our traveling buddies, the Stoners, are essentially cheap  thrifty, we decided to take just one RV (theirs) and one truck (also theirs) for our week in the Maritimes.  It turned out to be a great plan – the savings on meals and accommodations more than out-weighed the extra expense of driving an 8 MPG vehicle.  And it made for some unusual shots.
Like Gary in the passenger seat.
John did most of the driving –
John Driving
he seemed pretty relaxed, dontcha think? Ah, the blessing of cruise control!
Rosie and I enjoyed stretching out in the back.
Rosie Reading
steph lounging
I know, I know, we should have dug out the seat belts from under the sofas, but I have to tell you, we were pretty darn comfortable as we sped down the highway!
Another bonus of traveling with friends is that you have help in composing some of your pictures.
I wanted to get a close up of this flower, but right in the background was a big ol’ factory. Here is Rosie giving me a hand with repositioning its location.
Of course, John wanted to help too! 🙂
Although most of the time I was photographing the scenery, occasionally we did see a little action.
We had pulled over to the side of the road so I could get this shot-
PEI - 7.28.11-24
Suddenly Gary was out of the truck and walking down the road trying to get my attention.
PEI - 7.28.11-29
“Look, it’s a fox. I’ll try to flush him out!”
I knew the chances of my actually pointing my camera in the right spot in that potato field was pretty slim, but I kept pointing and clicking and pointing and clicking. And I was sorta kinda successful on one of them –
PEI - 7.28.11-30
Can you spot him? Over there on the right? I’m quite the wildlife photographer, eh?
Speaking of wildlife – while we were at Victoria by the Sea
PEI - 7.28.11-49
we took a stroll down the wharf and saw bubble rising out of the water.
PEI - 7.28.11-56
I don’t think this crab had anything to do with the bubbles (nor did I really get any more of an answer than it was just some type of chemical reaction on the bottom of the sea floor?) but I thought it was a pretty cool picture.
And while we’re on the subject of Victoria by the Sea – I wonder just what this fellow is doing (or even just what he’s supposed to be?)
PEI - 7.28.11-42
PEI - 7.28.11-43
Hmmmm….a giant Abraham Lincoln puppet heading to the lighthouse? That will be another unsolved mystery from our time on PEI!
Then there were these guys on this odd boat, floating in the midst of these bouys.
PEI - 7.27.11-54
This picture is pretty zoomed in – mussel harvesting, maybe?

Moving on…..
There are two ways to get onto PEI – via the 8 mile Confederation Bridge (from New Brunswick) or the ferry that goes between PEI and Nova Scotia. Both of them are free to get ON the island.
PEI - 7.27.11-22
We looked at both options carefully, and finally decided that the 8 mile bridge @ $60.00 to get off the island made more sense that the $115.00 ferry ride.

Remember, we were being cheap  thrifty. 🙂

Since tomorrow we are planning on a little jaunt “down state” to visit Campobello Island, where for many years Franklin Roosevelt spent summers, this might just be my last post regarding our wonderful Atlantic Maritime vacation.  Thanks for coming along with my “after the fact” posts.  It’s been grand reliving it with you!   There are (of course) a couple more photos than what I’ve posted here, and I’ve tried to break them down by groups.  Here goes –

PEI-Behind the scenes

PEI – Lighthouses

PEI – Green Gables

Prince Edward Island – most of the above three sets are in this one

Hopewell Rocks – New Brunswick

Reversing Falls – St. John, New Brunswick

New Brunswick – The Falls, the Rocks, our Friends, and miscellaneous other NB shots

Atlantic Maritimes – the whole bunch of them all together!


Better get those passports out again – Campobello Island is back in Canada!




Now, where were we? Oh, right – that beautiful Monday morning-
The lake was so calm, I couldn’t resist another quick walk to the beach.
But we had a full day planned, so off we went. Our next destination – the Flowerpots (or Hopewell Rocks) of the Bay of Fundy.
So, just what do you know about the Bay of Fundy? Here’s what I knew. It’s really big. It separates New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. And it’s really big. Here’s what I’ve learned – the Bay of Fundy has the one of the highest vertical tides in the world – which means it has a really, really low tide and then a really, really high tide. Sometimes with over 50 feet difference from low to high tide. We made it a point to get there during low tide because that’s when you can actually walk “on the ocean floor” among the amazing sculptures (called flowerpots) formed by those twice daily tides.
Hopewell Rocks-1
Hopewell Rocks-2
Hopewell Rocks-3
We spent a couple of hours exploring the floor of the bay (there’s about a six hour window when the tide is out) and I was pretty busy with the camera –
Hopewell Rocks-4
Hopewell Rocks-5
Hopewell Rocks-8
Hopewell Rocks-10
If we had waited around long enough, we could have taken a kayak trip through the rocks during high tide-
Hopewell Rocks-21
(photographer’s note – this is a picture of a picture taken at the visitors’ center 🙂 )
but since we had other places to get to (like Prince Edward Island) this was as close as we got to kayaking….
Hopewell Rocks-20

It was a great stop – very informative and quite out of the ordinary!  And guess what?  There are more pictures HERE!

By the end of the day we were crossing the 8 mile Confederation Bridge,
New Brunswick 7.25.11-63
ready to start the Prince Edward Island part of the trip.
Be prepared – Green Gables tomorrow!

On a slightly different note, today, August 1, marks our 7th anniversary of life on the road! Seven years. Here’s my post from that day in 2004 –

It’s 7AM and it’s raining. But the RV is packed and we’re headed out at 8AM to begin this awesome (and sometimes overwhelming) adventure. Lots of family here to send us off – and we’re planning on going to Church and then leaving from there. I know we will need a LOT OF PRAYER over these next months (and years?). Feel free to jump in at any time!
Lots of last minute items to wrap up (like finding the coffee), so I’m off and running!
RV there yet?

For those of you who have been reading all along – thank you so much for sticking with us on our journey.  If you’ve just hopped on board at this little blog – welcome to our life! We can only give God the Glory for these amazing years – and pray that we will continue to go where He leads us, work as He directs us, and listen as He shows us the way.

Seven years.  Whooda thunk it!

Let’s start at the very beginning……

New Brunswick.

Maine’s closest Canadian neighbor.  And quite a beautiful one at that!
Our destination for the day was the home of SOWER friends, Arch and Marg, who live near Hampton, NB.
New Brunswick
(Sorry for the scratchy writing. Have you ever tried to write with your mouse? If you’d like to see the actual Google map of the area, here’s a link for that – it might be easier than trying to figure out what I’m trying to make note of on this!)
But I digress.

It was a lovely drive getting there and we even managed a quick stop (and walk around town) in Fredericton, New Brunswick’s capital city.
New Brunswick 7.23.11-10
New Brunswick 7.23.11-13
As is the case everywhere, it seems, there is ALWAYS construction to contend with –
New Brunswick 7.23.11-14
Ah, sweet memories of Alaska!

Arch and Marg live right on beautiful Belleisle Bay, and getting there necessitated taking a rather small (though thankfully free) ferry. Gulp.
Guess we’ll wait patiently for the next one. Who’s in a hurry, anyway?
Our turn – at least we got on first as opposed to finding a spot between the rest of the vehicles!

We wound our way along the bay and arrived in time for a lovely dinner, some R&R on the deck
Cooks veranda-1
and beautiful sunset.

A wonderful finish to the first day of our Maritime Adventure!

Do you have time for the second day?
OK –
We started off with worship at a sweet little church right around the corner from our friends’ house –
and then proceeded to have our own tour of St. John and especially the famous Reversing Rapids – where the St. John River actually changes direction twice a day!
Reversing Falls-3
Reversing Falls-1
Aside from viewing the rapids/falls (which unfortunately were not at their most dramatic stage, I’m afraid!), we could have taken a jet boat ride
Reversing Falls-5
or even done a five level zipline.
Reversing Falls-6
But can you guess what we did?
Reversing Falls-9
Yeah, we watched! 🙂
There were beautiful wildflowers all along the observation area
Reversing Falls-11
and you know I couldn’t resist a couple of close-ups!
Reversing Falls-7
Reversing Falls-8
Reversing Falls-12
After a little more sightseeing in the downtown and a little more after-dinner lounging on the deck
Cooks veranda-2
we girls walked down to the waterfront-
and enjoyed sweet fellowship (and I got to play with the camera) while we waited for another beautiful sunset!
Oh, right – the sunset…..

Enough for tonight. Next post will be about our continued drive up the coast of New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island.
But before I go – just to give you a taste of how beautiful that day is going to be, here is the view from the deck that morning –
Stay tuned, more beautiful New Brunswick coming soon!