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October in Review

We started October in North Carolina and ended the month in South Carolina – and in-between it was all goodness!
We were inspired by missionaries –
We spent time with our SOWER family –
We spent time with family we’ve loved forever-
And we spent time with family we’ve known for less than a year
Just this past weekend we met up with Gary’s ‘new’ brother and his daughter
Gary and Lou

We enjoyed the Fall colors in the beautiful North Carolina mountains
and now we’re enjoying a more “Low Country” feel –
Oh, we’ve wielded paint brushes and power tools and made some massive amounts of chicken salad.
But mostly we’ve been blessed beyond measure to see God at work in this beautiful part of the country and in our lives as well. Thanks for coming along this month – These “post-a-day” months are a bit challenging for me, so I hope they haven’t been too challenging for you!

See you in November!


Lest we forget

We actually have three grandchildren with birthdays in October! One in each of our kids’ clans.
Back on October 1st, this little fellow turned 9!
Where have those years gone?! Today his heart is as big as that smile – and we love him so!

And coming up on Saturday the 15th, this little guy
deacon and the cabin toys
turns 3!

He’s such a joy!













Happy, Happy birthday to our three October babies!