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Photobook Backlog

One of the things I’ve tried to do each year we’ve been on the road is put together a photobook of memories.
As you can see from the various sizes of the books, I’ve used a several different companies – Shutterfly, Costco, and Picaboo to name a few – and usually go with the one with the best sale or coupon at the time. Along with the Yearbooks,  I also like to make memory books for other special events – family reunions, special trips and of course, our adventures with our grandkids! This past month I’ve been working hard to catch-up on some bookmaking! Not only did I have our Year 17 Book to do (our ‘year’ runs from August 1 – July 31), I also wanted to document the wonderful Family Reunion at The Cabin we had in July and  I had TWO grandson adventure books to put together! Phew! I started with the easy ones – the ones for the grandboys. Those came together fairly easily, and I’m happy to report that those books are on their way to the appropriate grandson! (And my copy has been added to the library!)
The other two – The Reunion and Year 17 – are taking a bit more time. So many pictures – so many choices! Putting together a book of memories that took place over a week is so much easier than trying to condense an entire year into a photobook I can actually afford! But I’m plugging away and hope to be done before December at the latest!
Looks like I might need to commandeer some of Gary’s side of our bookshelf pretty soon….

I wrote a bit about my love of photobooks about ten years ago, so if you’d like some additional details, you can check it out HERE!