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Big Week in Waco

I can’t say it was a big week in Waco for everyone, but it was a big week for us at the Waco Reno!

  • We made big progress on the electric upgrade front. After passing our Temporary Final Inspection (who knew there was such a thing), the electric company came and actually moved the service to the new meter and breaker box.
    This was a really big step forward because it not only meant that we (who am I kidding here – there is no WE in the electric department. It’s all Gary!) could move forward with finishing up the whole upgrade, but we now had enough power to run the central A/C.  (And in central Texas in June, that’s a very good thing!)  By the middle of the week, the Final Final was Finally Done!!! Yippee!! It was a long road getting here, but the house is all up to code!
  • The house painting is moving right along! It was several weeks of getting it ready to paint (they started before I left for my Girls’ Week smorgasbord) so it was wonderful to see the paint arrive Untitledand the color going on!
    I’m going to wait until it’s all done to share a the “big reveal”, but here’s a quick preview of the porch
    I’m really excited about how it’s coming out!  They should be done by mid-week. =)
  • The insulation guy and the gutter guy will be here by the end of the week, and that will be the end of the contract work we have scheduled.  That also means that the rest of the work will fall to us.
  • We signed with a realtor and set a target date of June 19th to have it all photographed and listed on the MLS. Yikes!! That’s just over a week to get all the finishing touches done, along with getting all of OUR stuff (mostly tools and supplies) out of the house.
  • I believe that to the best of our ability, the second floor is done. The walls and trim have all been painted. All the doors work (not always a given in a 100 year old house), the windows have been washed, and floors (though not perfect by any means) are as clean as I can get them.   If you have a couple of minutes – here’s a little video tour of the second floor!

So the next ten days will pretty busy too!! But I do believe we can see the end of the tunnel much more clearly now!

Thanks for stopping by!