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Day One

After I hit ‘publish’ on yesterday’s post I thought to myself, “Why can’t you do a post a day for the next two weeks? It might help you get back into some more regular writing.” So I’ve challenged myself to do some type of journaling here once a day. What I failed to consider was the fickle nature of my internet up here on the mountain. (Trust me, I realize that having even ANY internet up here is just short of miraculous.) So, as I work out the kinks of that, I’d just like to say that this morning I woke up to one of my favorite vibes. A crackling fire (it was delightfully chilly this morning), the aroma of fresh brewed coffee (thank you, dear husband of mine), and absolutely no need to hop out of bed (other than the call of nature). What a sweet start to our Cabin Time!

Another Walk-about

And this time it is literally a walk around the campground! It was a beautiful afternoon, and I could resist! However, if I tried getting each individual photo here, I’d be here well past midnight so (given the internet irregularities!) – here’s a little slide show (in approximate order!)

My favorite is the one in the header of this post. And in this one, if you look real hard you can see our red truck peeking out on the left.

Yep, so far this little R&R is working out just fine!