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Mile 92658.3

That’s the number on our motorhome’s odometer.
“Wait. That’s all??”
“How many years have you been traveling?”
“We just finished our thirteenth year.”
“Is that the rig you started with?”
“I’m surprised it’s not higher.”

And so it goes. That is actually a respectable 7100+ RV miles per year for(on average) and even if it doesn’t seem like much, it’s been enough for us to

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‘Bout Time…

….I do a little blogging, right? Although I still have to put together a post about our wonderful cruise –
Cruise 2017-177
and then catch all you’all up on our April project at Oakridge Ministries in Anadarko, OK.
I thought I’d do a little real time update, instead.
We left Anadarko bright and early Tuesday morning.
We did have a small concern in that the “Warning” light on the dashboard came on just as we were starting out. It doesn’t actually tell you what’s wrong, just that SOMETHING isn’t right. All the fluids were good, and she was running fine, so we opted to drive up to Oklahoma City (about 45 miles) and get it checked out there.
We made it without incident, and they were able to diagnose (and replace) a failed transient suppressor (you wanted to know, right?). That’s the good news. The bad news is that they spotted a potential problem with the “#3 Exhaust Gasket” – it had a leak and there was possible damage to the manifold. However, since they couldn’t fix it until next week sometime, we opted to continue on and get it looked at (a second opinion is always a good idea anyway when $$$ is involved) in Ohio since we’ll be there for over a week. (Are you glassy-eyed yet?) Sooooo…..
With the 4 hour delay, we only got to the Missouri Welcome Center before we stopped for the night. Not quite as far as we had hoped, but thankfully we had no additional mechanical issues.
This morning we started out in the rain –
and it pretty much rained all day, all the way.
Eight Hours. Driving in the Rain. Ugh. But we made it most of the way across Illinois and, Lord willing, we’ll make it to Columbus (or at least to the diesel mechanic) by the end of the day tomorrow!!

As I type this, we are sitting in a Walmart parking lot in Effingham, Illinois watching it rain.

(And listening to PSA’s about severe weather warnings. What county are we in again? Do we head into Walmart if it gets too crazy?)

It looks like we’ll be in the rain for most of the night –
We’re the blue dot – and let me say, that green blob has been with us all day!!! We can only pray that it will be long gone in the morning!

I’d like to say that I’ll be catching up soon with Cruise and Project posts, but the truth of the matter is after tomorrow my days will mostly be filled with kids and grands. And once again, blogging will get placed on the back burner! (But that’s really how it should be, don’t you agree?)

Thanks again for stopping by!

A profitable weekend

I don’t know if you remember, but almost a year ago (April 2016) we had a little incident with our main awning.
UH OH Awning
Yeah. Not good. We looking into filing a claim with our insurance, but when all was said and done (the awning (like the motorhome) was 13 years old, and the value of the awning had depreciated significantly) we decided not to go through the insurance. Gary also was hankering to change it over to an electric one and felt he could probably handle it himself – with enough additional muscle power from some good friends. Since we are working this month with many good SOWER friends AND our checking account had bounced back from the holidays, we went ahead and ordered the new awning. And this weekend, the main activity in Gary’s book was AWNING INSTALLATION!
It truly was a team effort –
The directions said that you only needed one guy on a ladder and two guys supporting the awning arms. What they didn’t stipulate is that the two guys on the “arms” needed to be twenty-something body builders. Let’s just say “supporting the arms” was a really heavy assignment.
We eventually wrangled up a couple more ladders (mostly just to support the weight of the thing) and they finally got the awning threaded into the channel on the rig.
Once it was up and secured, though, then the fun really began!
It was a little tricky getting the wire from the rear end of the awning to the power source (at the door), but Gary made it happen, and by the end of the day Saturday, we had a power awning.

Kudos to John and Rosie and Jay whose hands-on-help (quite literally) and additional ladders made it all come together – and to the rest of the gang who were cheering us on!!! We do so love our SOWER Family!

On our way and catching up

Happy March, everyone!! (Really? March???)
We packed up this morning and began our drive to our next ‘neighborhood’!
Although our final destination is Trinity, TX (Trinity Pines Conference Center), we have a couple of stops to make along the way. One of our responsibilities as the Eastern TX Reps is to visit ‘our’ projects at least once a year (hopefully in person – if not, then by phone or proxy), so we’re taking the next couple of days to stop at three projects sorta-kinda on the way. (You can check out the map over on the “So Where are we now” page.) But, before we get into those travels, I figured I’d better do a quick recap of our final days at Twin Oaks Ranch. After two months in the greater Austin area, we finally made it to the State Capital.
Capital 2
So that we could get the big picture, we took one of the free tours they offer. Ours was The Women of Texas Tour. It took us through the building and explained the ins and outs of the building’s history, but focused on the women who influenced the settlement and government of Texas. Full disclosure – we only took that tour because it worked best with our time schedule, but we’re glad it worked out that way since it was so interesting. Here are some of the pictures from the Capital Building –

Door Hinge Woodwork Mariachi watchers
Capital Dome Senate Chamber Texas Stars
Original chandelier House Chamber Looking down
House chamber from the gallery More chandelier Fence

Aside from the terrible time we had finding parking (the Senate and House are both in session, so it’s a pretty happenin’ place right now!), we had a great time. For all of our travels, we have really been remiss at getting into cities (especially state capitals), so I’m trying to remedy that going forward. Since we were already downtown we also checked out the Bullock Texas State History Museum – another must-see in Austin!
Bullock Museum of TX History
One thing you notice about Texas (not just in Austin) is the huge amount of The Lone Star State Pride!
Big TX Star
We even took a quick selfie –
Selfie with star
And although there is so much more to see in downtown Austin, we chose to check out the SoCo (South Congress) area which is full of eclectic shops and eateries.
SoCo streets
We grabbed a bite to eat and made sure that we got at least ONE photo of Flat Stanley enjoying our Monday excursion!
Flat Stanley in SoCo
If you look all the way down the road you can see the state capital. The F. Stanley assignment is officially over, but we may just continue to show him the sights. 🙂
So that was our Tourist Finale for February. Note to self – take advantage of Urban Opportunities. There is so much to see and do!!
Yesterday was spent cleaning, doing laundry, and getting organized for a couple of days on the road. But we did have a special treat at the end of the day. Here’s a little back story:
Earlier this month I got a message from a friend who we had been close to many years ago. His precious wife Barbara, a very dear friend of mine, passed away more than 30 years ago and although our life paths went in different directions (we moved and changed churches, he eventually remarried, etc.) we’d stayed in touch through the years and especially more so with the advent of Facebook. (He’s an amazing photographer (http://photographyworksofart.smugmug.com/) and has always been a great encouragement to me with this blog and my photography attempts.) Anywho – Early in the month he sent me this message –
Barbara’s brother lives in Buda. I can give you his contact info. I am sure they would love to meet you. There is a great BBQ place near there.
I figured, why not?, and got the brother’s information (Art had checked with him and he (and his wife) said they would love to meet us.), and then promptly forgot all about it. (That ever happen to you?). With a little nudge from Art, I finally called last weekend, and made plans for dinner last night. It was pretty unusual heading off to someone’s home for dinner when neither of knew them (and didn’t really even know their last name.). But we’re so glad that we went a bit out of our comfort zone to make new friends! It was a beautiful connection, reminding me of the very special friendship I had with Barb those many years ago, and a lovely evening all around!
Evans and Conrads
So next time someone says – “Hey – I have a friend (distant relative, even) in that area that I know would love to meet you” – say – SURE!!!

We’ve made it to our first stop-over (Camp Tejas, Giddings, TX), and will be having our Area Rep visit soon! We worked here 5 years ago, so we’ll enjoy seeing all the changes!
Thanks for coming along!