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FAQ #1

Absolutely the first question folks ask when they learn that we live full time in our motor home and move, on average, monthly is –

What about your mail?  How does THAT work?

The answer is pretty simple – we use a mail forwarding service.  Actually, that mail forwarding service is also our “home address”, and considered our domicile.  Right now we are using a Florida service (though we almost “moved” to South Dakota a couple of years ago). That address is important for taxes, vehicle registrations, drivers licenses, and voting.  It gets a little confusing for folks since we have FL drivers licenses and FL tags on our vehicles, but when asked where we’re from we always say Pennsylvania. Well, unless  it’s a US Customs guy or a state police officer.  Then we’re from FL all the way-we don’t want to confuse THOSE guys!!

(Of course it doesn’t help that we have a Vermont tag on the front of the RV –
Vermont Tag_edited-1
It’s an old tag leftover from my grandfather. He and my grandmother were the 781st and 782nd people to register vehicles in Vermont. (This odd picture is from when we were getting new tires on the RV – it was the first picture I could find that showed the VT tag!))

But I digress. We were talking about the mail, right?

I imagine that as recently as 10 years ago keeping up with your mail (and bills) was a big hurdle for full-timers. Today, however, it’s a very different story. We handle everything on-line that we can. Credit card and bank statements, phone and internet bills all arrive in my email in-box. And because life can get pretty busy some months, I also have anything that I can set up for automatic payments. We “order” our mail monthly (although with a mail service you can get it as often as you like), and generally it has some investment statements (and who wants to open them!), an RVing magazine, a receipt or two from a charitable donation and maybe a request for a contribution or two. I know in April to look for vehicle insurance and registration forms, and of course during January and February we keep an eye out for tax stuff. If we’ve been to the doctors then we know to watch for those bills. And it’s true that once I got a notice for jury duty and I was supposed to have called in two days before I got the mail. Oops. It all got straightened out, but that could have been a bit messy!

All that being said – I do LOVE to get mail. You know, the hand addressed kind of mail. 🙂  The address over on the “contact us” page is good as long as it isn’t a rush message.  And if you ever want to send something that will arrive right away (or at least as “right away” as the USPS can manage!), check the “Where are we now” page – or send me a quick email.  I’d be happy to give you a current address. Well, it will be current for a little bit anyway!

Oh – and to make my banking even a bit easier, on the rare occasions that we get checks I can now use my phone to do the deposit. How cool is that!?!

Have another question? I’d be happy to answer anything about our Life On The Road during my Post Ever Day month of February!

Thanks for stopping by!

PS – this whole “where are you from” question really confuses the US government too!  Here’s an exchange I had with a US Census worker back in 2010!

Where have all the years gone

I thought, on this our 9th (!!!) New Year’s Day on the road, it would be fun to look back and see just where we were – both physically and in our thought process – over these last years. Here you go, my friends – my first post of the year (well, one of them is the last post of the year) for each year we’ve been on the road:

2005 – A New Year and a New Focus

We were at our third SOWER project – Green Isle Boys Ranch in Clermont, FL.  I summarized the post with –

We’ve learned a lot these five months ~ about each other, about life in an RV, about places to see and things to do, about the Lord and his grace, about the importance of family and friends. We’re also learning more about how this “adventure” is changing us and changing focus. We’ve fallen in love with the SOWER concept – using our talents to help others as we travel around the country. We’ve been very blessed by the two projects that we have done. So, instead of being tourists for a year and doing a couple of SOWER projects along the way, we are planning on doing SOWER projects most of the time and doing a little “tourist” along the way. We’re hopeful that the adventure lasts for a good long while. Keep Prayin’!!!!!

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” Ecclesiastes 9:10

2006 – Can it be? Texas!

We were celebrating finally crossing the Mississippi and we spent NYE in a Flying J parking lot outside of Houston TX.  Not much chit-chat or philosophy on that post – just excitement to finally be “West” – and headed to the Rio Grande Valley (just like we are this year!)

2007 –  2007 – Teen Challenge, Bonifay, FL (having just returned from a wonderful Christmas with the kids in Ohio!)

Long ago, just after 13th century turned into the 14th century, Richard Rolle wrote:

What a serious waste it is to let a day go by without allowing God to change us.
And that is my prayer for 2007 – that I not waste even one of the precious days God has given me.

And on a less lofty note –
losing 10 pounds by The Wedding would be good too!

Blessings to you all in the new year!

2008 – And now for 2008 – another New Year’s Day  in Bonifay, FL at Teen Challenge

Eat less, move more, read more, read better, stay connected, stay on the road. And a favorite quote from John Piper –

Lord, grant that we will love Christ above all things. And may we spend our pilgrim life learning to love this world less and heaven more. Put us out of taste with the delicacies of the devil, and give us a liking for the solid joys of Christ. Guard us from the allurements of the lodging of this journey, and fix our eyes on the end. And so, Father, make us useful to this world, loving, helping, serving here, while leading people up to God.
In Jesus Name,

2009 – Quick! – Columbus, OH

We were in Columbus for a post-Christmas Family Christmas (you do that, right?), but our house was in Arizona!  Looks like that “west” thing was finally happening!

2010 – Home – First post of 2010 was from Beaumont, CA –

Interesting, not a mention of the new year in that post at all.  Just a lovely summary of our wonderful time on Ohio, having done the post-Christmas Family Christmas plan again!

2011 – Light at the end of the tunnel – Waco, TX

This was the December of Lara’s new kitchen, so the New Years post of 2011 was a selection of random kitchen related pictures along with the closing New Years wishes –

Well, the youngun’s are all out at various New Year’s Eve parties, and Gary has been upstairs in bed for hours. So enough of this randomness! Here’s something concrete –
Happy New Year to all of you , my dear friends! God is Good – ALL the time! May you walk closely with Him this year!

(Although we were in Waco for New Years, by early January we were in the Florida Keys!)

2012 – Quiet – Waco, TX

We were just wrapping up our time in Waco before we headed out to our January project, here in Giddings, TX. It’s a post with a lot of pictures about what we managed to get accomplished during our two weeks in Waco.

2013 – Giddings, TX

🙂  Right here, right now! We spent New Year’s Eve with three other SOWER couples, playing games and munching on yummy snacks.  We even stayed up until close to midnight.  Close.  Let’s not get carried away, now! And to start 2013 off well, we were able to finally connect with Jerry and Carol – fellow RVers and bloggers.  We’d been following each other around the country (via internet) for the last couple of years, and it was great fun to finally meet face to face!

So far, it’s been a great start to what I pray will be a great year! To borrow a sentiment from our daughter’s FB page – May 2013 be a year filled with happiness, grace, redemption and laughter.

Sorry it’s been kinda quiet here…..

But it’s been that kind of week. The Christmas packages were wrapped and in the mail earlier than I have ever managed before –
Christmas boxes have been delivered to the USPS.  And it's not 12/22. :)
We’ve enjoyed a Christmas party with Lara and friends,
and we even checked out a possible new SOWER project, right here in Waco!
Wings for Christ – It’s a small organization that trains pilots for missionary service around the world. I don’t know if will work as a SOWER project, but it certainly was good to stop by to meet the folks and check it out!
Gary’s been busy getting the truck outfitted and ready to be towed. And man, that’s a big job!
First he had to install the tow plate –
which is a pretty important step, right? We wouldn’t want to become unhooked as we drove down the road! We did take it out for a “test tow” when we had to take Lizzie into town for an oil gauge fix, and everything worked great. Phew. Next up was getting the electrical all hooked up –
Lots of bits and pieces involved in that (not to mention having to run the wire from the front of the truck to the back lights!).
Happy to report he finished that up today. 🙂

Last night we went to the Baylor-Tennessee women’s basketball game. Baylor pretty much ran away with the game (76-53), but it was great to see the Lady Bears in action!

Let’s see….what else….
Oh, I got my minimalist Christmas decorations up – the double nativities since they are both very precious to me
along with some ornaments from years past
and some from the more recent past –
Keeping it simple – that’s a good plan when life is lived in 300 sq. feet. 🙂

So yes,  it’s been that kind of week. Even now, as I look back over the week and thumb through pictures of things we’ve done and what’s been accomplished, it all becomes so trivial in light of the tragedy that unfolded last Friday in Connecticut. Thankfully, when my heart is broken and I don’t even know how to put words into prayers, I have a High Priest who intercedes for me – and for them.
For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. 27 And he who searches hearts knows what is the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.
Romans 8:26-27.
And we continue to hold them close in our prayers……

Thanks for the memories!

It’s been a bittersweet week, here in Waco.
For this was the week that we said a final good-bye to our trusty Dodge Dakota, who has followed us around this beautiful country
FL Footer
and has taken us on amazing adventures through these last 8 years of being on the road.
Road Trip-89
Shelf Road (Colorado)
Kleinschmidt Grade-14
Kleinschmidt Grade (Idaho)
Titus Canyon Drive-11
Titus Canyon (Death Valley, CA)
Red Rock Canyon-19
Red Rock Canyon (Idaho)
Road Trip-51
Eleven Mile Canyon (Colorado)
Mt. Washington (NH)
Ah, yes, it’s been a grand adventure, sweet orange Amber Pearl truck. Not only the big adventures, but also the trips to see the kids and the trips to the cabin and even the trips to the grocery store. You have served us well!
Dodge Trade-2
But Wednesday we took you out for a final drive –
to a nearby Dodge dealer who I’m sure will find you a good home!
Dodge Trade-6
Because as much as we loved you, there was one thing that was beginning to concern us –
Dodge Trade-3
As pretty as it is, it will still take a while before this sweet “new” ride
Dodge Trade-5
will feel like “home”, but with credentials like this –
Dodge Trade-4
we feel that it won’t take too long!
Dodge Trade-7
One thing we know for sure, the windshield is cleaner! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow! Has a full week gone by since my last post? And here we are at Thanksgiving! It’s a beautiful day here in Waco, and even though our day will be a little un-traditional, I want to wish all of you a blessed Thanksgiving! We had our little campground Thanksgiving dinner last evening, gathering around the table with Lara and her friend Michael and our friends Naomi & Jay who are camping here for a couple of days.
Not that I have any pictures of that, but trust me, it was a lovely evening and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening, sharing a meal with the twinkle lights illuminating evening! (For those of you who know Gary – he assured me those lights are NOT Christmas decorations!).
And check out the fancy table centerpiece –
thanks to the tree in the left side of the first picture!
Today, while most of you are sitting down to bountiful tables and enjoying time with friends and family, we’ll be having a nice quiet day at Lara’s house – probably catching up on the laundry. But believe me, we’re thankful for that washing machine, too! (Actually Gary will be working on one of his Waco Projects. No big surprise there, right?)

Then Friday we’ll be blessed to enjoy another Thanksgiving with some of Lara’s friends (and now our friends, too!). The rest of the holiday weekend will be spent hanging out with our friends and with Lara (and her friends!). All good!

We are grateful for many,many things, but for right now we’ll just leave it that we’re so thankful to be here in Waco, settled so nicely into our camping spot
and looking forward to our time here!

Better go get that laundry together! 🙂

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7