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If any of you have been following this blog for any length of you know that EVERY SUMMER I will post this view of the cabin.
Oh, sometimes it has the dock in it, or I might be standing a little father away, or I might take it in “portrait” mode instead of landscape. but this view shot is my very favorite. (Let’s face it, I’ve probably already posted one this season) This year when the pond seemed especially mirror-like I couldn’t resist just a couple other reflective shots.
Like just the reflection of the cabin itself….
(I rotated it for you so you wouldn’t have to hold your computer upside down. 🙂 )
Or the shoreline –
or just the trees –
Reflections-3 Original
and rotated….
How cool is that?????
It’s hard to even make out where the stump ends and the water starts on this clear day.
And I think I even see a reflection in that tiny drop of water hanging on the clover –
(Did you know that this is the official Vermont State Flower? The Red Clover. Now you do! )

Well, this past weekend I was asked to do a different type of reflection. My sister Elna’s ladies fellowship from Church were having an afternoon outing at the cabin. And they asked me to share a 10-15 minute reflection on what God has been teaching me recently. Yikes! Since the reflection that I did included a little “back story” about how we got to where we are today, I’ve incorporated it into it’s own page. So, if you would like to read my little “Reflection”, you can just go here, or click on the Reflections 2012 page on the right hand column.

And here’s one final reflection from the very tail end of our Vermont vacation. Ok, so it happened in Pennsylvania and it’s not really a typical reflection. But it is a reflection/reminder of God’s promises.
This was a full arch, but I could not get it all in my camera. And I don’t think I have ever seen one so very bright and close. What a wonderful end to a wonderful week!


Welcome to Year Nine!!!! We’re one day into our ninth year on the road.  Really? We’ve been doing this EIGHT years? Really????? As I’ve been thinking about this anniversary, I thought I’d look back and see just where we were the last 8 years on August 1st.  Here’s what I found –

August 1, 2011 – New Brunswick, Canada Flower Pots

August 1, 2010 – Pennsylvania – Sitting Still (OK, so it’s actually Aug. 7th, but that’s the closest August entry to our anniversary date!)

August 1, 2009 – Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada – Back to the Lower 48, Day 8

August 1, 2008 – Arkansas – First Day of Year Five!

August 1, 2007 – Ohio – Day 1095

August 1, 2006 – Doylestown, PA! Dos. Deux. Zwei. Duo. Mbili. Two. 2. II.

August 1, 2005 – Wisconsin – Our First Anniversary (In looking back over that post, I do see where I’ve “lost” the connection with the pictures I posted at that time. Don’t know whuzzup with that…..)

August 1, 2004 – Doylestown, PA – Isn’t Rain Good Luck?

I enjoyed taking a stroll down memory lane and seeing just what we were doing on all of those anniversary dates. And I thought it pretty interesting that we were in Canada for two of those anniversaries, but on totally different sides of that great continent! Looking back I am amazed at the miles we’ve traveled, the places we’ve seen, the people we’ve met (and reconnected with) and the blessings we’ve received. At best, this was going to be a 1 or 2 year adventure, and then it was back to work for us. Instead of an Adventure, it turned into a Lifestyle. Instead of tourists, we turned into servants. Instead of two years, it’s turned into…well…..it’s turned into whatever the Lord has for us in the years ahead. Nine years – or nineteen? Who knows?

So – what did the anniversary day THIS year look like? Well, we’re at in Montrose, PA (where we’ve been mostly all summer) still working away on the A/C project in Dreyer Hall. Today Gary worked on drain lines for the upstairs units and I took a break from A/C Helper and became a Kitchen Helper. Yes, today I got to work on Jello Jigglers!
Jello Jigglers
All dressed up and ready to go –
Jello Ready to go
And after the jello – I moved to the eggs!
Chopping Eggs
Yep, it was a SOWER kind of a day!
Just the kind of day I love!


Things to do at Costco

We love Costco.
We love their free samples and we love their great buys. We also love their big parking lots. Because sometimes, when you drive a 39ft. motorhome with a pick-up truck tagging along behind, you need a really big place to park. Since we knew there was a Costco in Houston, and we would be passing close enough (just enough shopping district traffic to keep the co-pilot panicked), we took the opportunity to purchase and change out the “House Batteries”. That would be the 4 Golf Cart size batteries that keep us humming when we’re not connected to an electric source.
(The house batteries are on the left. The smaller ones on the right are for starting the engine. And all those wires….well, that must be for someone else to know.)
So here we are, after our first trip into Costco. Ready with the new batteries and the baking soda (to help clean up any battery acid).
Out with the old….
and then clean up the space a bit.
Then to hook up the new ones –
Oooey gooey messy glad it wasn’t me kind of job…..
Make sure the fancy caps are all on tight.
And then check to make sure all the connections are back the way they started.
Never underestimate the value of a little hand-drawn diagram of how it’s supposed to look!
All things connected, no spare parts (doncha just hate those leftover parts?), and the generator started right up! Looks like we’re back in business. 🙂
And for a reward, after we took back the old batteries (for our $36.00 credit – every bit helps!) here’s another thing that we love about Costco.
Costco  Goodness
Oh, yeah, baby.

A bit of randomness

Really. Has it been a week since I’ve updated this little journal of mine? Not quite, you say? Hmmmm…. It seems that sitting in three days of board meetings is much more mentally draining than you might think! The last week was largely spent either in meetings, thinking about meetings, eating with fellow board members where we TRIED not to talk about the meetings, or falling exhausted into bed amazed at how tired you can get sitting in a nice comfortable chair for hours on end. (Ok, so there might have been a trip to the DQ in there somewhere. Maybe.)
BoardMeeting work
But I must tell you – it was a GOOD meeting. I really feel that the current board is exceptional in their dedication to the ministry, their willingness to serve, and their clarity of thought. And the office staff (who does a great job of actually implementing the decisions made by the Board) is also exceptional. We might not all agree on all the finer points of how things should work, but we are all on the same page when it comes to the integrity of the ministry and the desire to do it all to the glory of God.
Board Meeting
I am honored to serve with these folks!

But since this post is about randomness –
How about those new tires?
Old Tires –
New Tires –
Thankfully those OLD tires never looked like this one –
NOT us
Phew – I think we were closer than we realized!
Here’s the house looking a little toothless –
And here’s a shot from our tire day that I’m sharing just because it reminded me of the movie “Cars”.
(We’re being random, right?)
After the new tires came the alignment.
Do you know that in order to align the front tires of an RV it has to be driven over a pit on two little tiny platforms?
Ok, so they aren’t actually “tiny”, but even the experienced mechanic took it pretty slow. Gulp.
Wanna see the underside of our house?
See those pretty new tires? 🙂 (Any questions about what anything IS under there should be directed to Gary!)
We had one more maintenance stop to make before we reached Texas, and that was at the ArTex Truck Center in Texarkana,AR (which is right next door to Texarkana, TX – go figure.) They checked a couple of items for us, and Gary watched while they did some maintenance (so next time HE can do it).  I really felt like Lizzie (the house) was out playing with the big kids.
Playing with the big boys
All in all I think we’re about done with our heavy-duty maintenance schedule for a while. But, the ol’ girl is 8 years old, has traveled 60,000+ miles, and has been used full-time for seven of those years so we are beginning to see some good old fashioned wear and tear. But we still love her!

Ok – one more bit of random goodness –
Weston 10 weeks
Little Weston at 10 weeks! Be still my heart!

And in real time…..
This afternoon we head to Waco to spend a long weekend with Lara and the folks/critters at the Parrott Ave Zoo! 🙂 🙂 🙂
See ya next week!