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Extra Saturdays!

The SOWER Ministry was founded in 1983 by some very wise folks. Although we have worked with some folks in their 40’s (and some in their late 80’s), the majority of our members are in their 60’s and 70’s. And while we’re all eager to serve, we’re also aware of our limitations. Not only does our schedule have us working in 2 hour increments (with either a 1/2 hour break or an hour lunch in between), we also work a four day work week. Today on our “First Saturday” we did a zoom call with some fellow SOWERS, had short naps, ran into the Mobile suburbs and stopped (and shopped) at Costco, Publix, Walmart, and Lowes. Ended the day in civilization with a yummy dinner at Mugshots (apparently it’s a local-ish franchise) and were home just after 7. So – while it wasn’t exactly the most exciting day (well, except maybe Costco – that always makes for a good day!), the best part of is that TOMORROW is still Saturday!
And ya gotta love that!

About today’s photos. When I checked my phone, it turned out that I hadn’t taken ANY pictures for the last two day. How crazy is that? So the header photo and the one below were taken in Alabama (Birmingham) in November, but in 2014.
Still and all – Fall beauty is fall beauty!

First Week and Saturday One

Well, we just finished our first week here at Mercy Ships! It’s been a good week, and even the work has been pretty mundane –
it’s still been pretty exciting to be part of this international ministry. It’s a bustling campus as they are gearing up to launch a brand new ship in the next 24 months (or so!). Thursday we were privileged to attend their community meeting, where folks were updated on what’s happening on the African Mercy (currently docked in Senegal where severe storms hit recently), and other items for praise and prayer.
Those folks standing in the front are part of the newest “On Board” class. About half of those folks are recent hires that will continue working here in Lindale (this campus is called the ISC – International Support Center). But the rest are training for work on the African Mercy – nurses, technicians, pipe fitters, etc.

African Mercy

It was exciting to be part of this initial introduction and see how varied the needs (and jobs) are in this ministry. At next week’s community meeting we’ll actually be (though the miracle of the internet) speaking directly with folks on the ship. Pretty cool, right?

Today we are enjoying one of the first ‘no agenda’ Fridays we’ve had in quite awhile. Gary’s changed out the water filters, gotten the suitcases put away (requires getting up on the roof!), installed our new propane leak protector, and got a haircut! On my end, I’ve ordered business cards with our new address, finished putting together our “Year 15” photo book (the coupon was about to expire! Always a good incentive!)

did a little research on why our weather station wasn’t working (I really wanted to believe it was only 84 outside, but it sure felt like it was 94!) and even did just a bit of cleaning. (I know, crazy, right?) All in all, this Saturday One (as we like to call it) has been quite successful. Gary may or may not’ve just retreated to the back to do some reading (um, snoozing), and I’m pretty sure my sewing machine is calling my name!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!