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Quite the Change

Although I know that Gary & I have been busy beating back the wilderness in different areas here at the cabin over the years, I was really surprised when I saw this 2004 photo in a memory post I shared recently.

The cabin seems almost lost amidst all of that greenery! Along with some shrubbery that is gone, those pine trees look magnificent! I’d forgotten how truly beautiful those pine trees were!
We lost one to the weather several years ago, and sadly the remaining two were just getting spindlier and spindlier.
Last fall the decision was made to have them taken down before more weather (and weather does happen up here!) toppled one of them and did some damage to the cabin. It was a sad day, but necessary nonetheless!
Yesterday I tried to get a picture of The Cabin from roughly the same angle. I’m a bit off, but I think you can still see the drastic change.

I miss those pine trees, but otherwise, I’m thinking I like the new(er) look!