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Seemed kinda weird….

…not to do a post yesterday!! So here’s a bit about our first couple of days on our new job!
After 4 months of doing mostly cleaning and painting (with a little gardening and ladder holding thrown-in), the first two days on the job here at Heartland had me sitting at a desk. Working on a computer.
Yes, this a happy place for me! While I was doing some computer work the other ladies on the team were busy getting all the paperwork (that I was printing) organized.
It’s wonderful for the retreat center that even with COVID restrictions it appears that summer camp will be happening this summer, and we’re happy to be able to help with some of the preliminary organization. I’m sure we’ll be doing more ‘maintenance’ (read “cleaning”) in the weeks to come, but this has been a great start for us!
Meanwhile, the guys….
Well, Monday was a pretty rainy day, so they started doing some drywall repair and painting in one of the offices.
I don’t know exactly what Gary is doing up on the ladder, but I’m pretty sure I can see wires hanging down, so it’s electrical in nature. But today the sun broke out for a bit and the guys got to hop on those zero-turn mowers. Oh boy!
The rain eventually returned and they went back to inside work in the afternoon, but they really had a fun morning on those mowers!

As Heartland ramps up for a (somewhat back to normal) camping season, we’re happy to be able to help in anyway we can.   We’re so thankful we get to be a part of this chapter of God’s story here!

May the Fourth be with you!



Made it!

A. We made it to our May SOWER project, and our resting place for the next three weeks! Thank you, Lord, for safe travels and a beautiful place to serve!

This month we’re volunteering at a new SOWER project – Heartland Retreat Center – in Marengo, OH. It’s north and a bit east of Columbus, and this is the first time they’ve had SOWERS! It’s also less than an hour from both of our kids who live in the Columbus area! In different directions, of course!

To Toby’s To Lara’s
Untitled Untitled

We haven’t figured out just how the Visiting the Kids will look (everyone is super busy these days!), but we’re looking forward to great month. Not only are we working at a new SOWER project, but we’re working with a brand new SOWER couple! It’s always so encouraging to see the excitement in new folks as they begin their “RVing with a Purpose” journey!

Let the Project (and fun!) begin!

B. I’ve also made it to May, ending my self-imposed challenge of doing a blog post everyday! Phew! I certainly can’t promise (or maybe it’s a threat??) to do it again in May, but I’m hopeful that I can continue on with a more regular schedule of tidbits from our life. Thanks for coming along this month – I really appreciate each one of you!

Have a lovely first day of May, dear friends!

On the Road Again, Again

In the spirit of Monday’s are for Memories, and the fact that we today we were indeed “on the road again”, I decided to look back to see what other ‘on the road’ posts I’ve done over the years. Turns out I’ve done quite a few! Here’s one from almost exactly 15 years ago –

April 24, 2006 – On the Road Again!

After a wonderfully busy weekend (Friday back in Jamison to wrap up some loose ends with the house, Saturday to Lancaster to meet up with some SOWER friends, Sunday back to Lancaster to worship with and visit with a dear friend whose husband had recently passed away, and then this morning we even squeezed in a factory tour at Herr’s Snack Foods – with warm chips and everything!), we packed Lizzie up and began our trek northward. It was hard to leave Sandy Cove. We loved working with our friends, the Walkers, and staff was very warm and welcoming. It was a blessing to be able to help them get ready for their busy camping/retreat season. And such a beautiful spot! Living among the trees in the spring time was a delight. Sneezing aside, we were able to literally watch spring burst! One night last week we took a drive out to Turkey Point Lightstation. We walked out to the lighthouse and enjoyed the sunset. I promise to get some of those pictures posted. It was so beautiful!
So tonight we’re at the Danbury, CT, Walmart and the next several days will be filled with friends and family. Ah, that will be lovely! Our final destination will be Straight Ahead Ministries in Hubbardston, MA. Don’t know what will be in store there, so I’ll keep you posted.
But something tells me I’ll get to watch Spring spring all over again!

Since I was doing pictures a bit differently back then (I think I had a separate photo’s page) I tracked down my Flickr album of photos from our time at Sandy Cove (including that lovely lighthouse!). Here you go –

(Or you can check them out over on Flickr HERE!)

Tonight (April 26, 2021)we are safely parked at the shop (in Mocksville, NC) where we’ll be getting new sunshades for Lizzie in the morning. And then it’s on to Ohio!!

Once Again, The Guys….

were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

As I was saying yesterday, their focus was on this barn, which up until recently was just that – a barn. But the ministry was working towards making it into a workshop with parts storage, a small meeting room and a bathroom. They’d already put down a new concrete floor, finished off some of the ‘stalls’ for parts storage and begun to move some of the woodworking tools to their new home.
So the two big items on the guys’ list was the insulating and drywalling of the meeting area and bathroom (which also needed to have the walls built)
and upgrading the electric from ‘barn status’ to legitimate, useful service.
Gary and Don (the host) discussing options!
50+ duplex outlets, 12 switches, 8 single outlets, 3 electric drops, 3 overhead lights, 12 other lights and close to 1000 feet of wire later the space was well lit, and ready for anything you wanted to plug in! Safely.
I have to tell you, I am constantly impressed with how darn tidy he can make all that wiring!


In the above picture you can spot Gary up on the ceiling of the new bathroom space finishing up a connection, one of the ‘electric drops’ (the thick black cord coming down from the electrical box in the crossbeams), one of the three LED lights (oh, so bright) in the main area, Linda working on the spackling of the bathroom, and Jim using a power tool. Oh, and lots of ladders! =)
I think if I have one picture of Gary standing in front of a jumble of wires –
I must have a hundred! But somehow he gets them all tidy (and labeled) before he considers the job done!
But Gary wasn’t the only one keeping busy out at the barn! Jim and Steve stayed just as busy with the insulation and drywall project!
Some days they even had to work around Gary!
Finally there was just one last piece to hang – a 12 ft sheet on the ceiling. For that they had to call in reinforcements – the ladies!
(Honest, I was helping too, but I couldn’t resist this photo op!)
As they say – Teamwork makes the dream work! And that last sheet was definitely a whole team effort! Steve and Jim put in the last of the screws, and while there is still plenty of spackling and finishing to do, the guys did a great job of checking those items off the list!

By the last day of the project we were all working at the Barn, helping to button up the last of the electric and wrapping up that drywall project.  Which made for a sweet ending to a very sweet project. We made some grand new SOWER friends, were able to get some good work accomplished for a very special project, and were so very blessed to be a small part of helping this ministry.

Thanks for joining us here at The Potter’s Place!




PS – If you’d like to see more photos of our time at The Potter’s Place you can check them out HERE!