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A Different Kind of May

This is a bit of encouragement I wrote for our SOWER family in the May newsletter –

Dear Friends,
Usually in May we’re looking forward to graduations and weddings and family reunions. We’ve gone past the redbud blooms and are enjoying the azaleas and rhododendrons blooming in our gardens and watching the tulips fill our flower beds with vibrant color. Maybe some hardy lettuce is already finding its way to your salad bowl. Ah, Spring! May 2020 is a different animal all together. It has us just trying to figure out what tomorrow will look like. Will it be safe to go to the grocery store? Is it safe to go to the park for a walk? How will our children make it through job loss and quarantining? And the biggest question – when will we be able to HUG them again?? These are unprecedented days to say the least, and no one – NO ONE- knows what the “new normal” will look like. But fear not – we serve a God who DOES!! Even amidst the uncertainty of these days, our God is not surprised, and He’s walking along side us as we go through these times. As we all do “Our Best” to figure out the most effective way to continue to serve Him through this pandemic and in the days to come, let us hold fast to His sure promises –

Fear not, for I am with you;
  be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
  I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
Isaiah 41:10 (ESV)

May we continue to marvel at the beauty of this season, even as we fully trust our mighty God in the days to come!

Resting in His Grace,

First ones up

Man, I love coming to the cabin early in the season. Yes, it means we get to deal with dead flies and ladybugs, and mouse poop and any number of other over-the-winter surprises, but the simple beauty of this place before the trees fully leaf out is more than worth any “oh no” moments.


See what I mean? Of course, having a picture perfect day for this first day at the cabin didn’t hurt, either!

Thanks for coming along!

Monday’s are for Memories – February 20, 2008

Looking back nine years from today – we were in the Florida Panhandle, working at Teen Challenge Boys Ranch in Bonifay. This was our second winter there, and it seems like we were pretty anxious for some spring weather.

Spring is coming, right? Feb 20, 2008
Ok, even though we’re here in Florida if you’ve been reading along this winter, you know we’ve had some pretty darn cold weather. So I am happy to report that there are definate signs of spring appearing. I noticed leaf buds on some of the shrubs this morning, and just outside the rig I saw these lovely spring flowers….
And if it’s starting here, I’m sure it will be coming to a neighborhood near you soon! 🙂

Tammy 2And now a Happy Birthday shout out to our daughter-in-law Tammy She’s been part of our family for the last 7 (or so) years, and we have been blessed to call her our daughter. She loves the Lord, she loves our son, and she’s a wonderful mother to our three granddaughters. We love you, Tammy – Happy, Happy Birthday!

Real time update – It’s Tammy’s birthday again (of course!), but some of her ‘stat’s have changed. She’s been part of our family for the last 15+ years and we continue to be blessed to call her daughter! She still loves the Lord, she love our son, and she’s a wonderful mother to FIVE of our beautiful grandchildren! We love you to the moon and back, Tammy – Happy, Happy Birthday Again!