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Just a bit of business

Several weeks ago one of my subscribers contacted me that they were no longer getting email notifications when I (actually, finally, it’s about time)published a blog post. I checked with some ‘known subscribers’ (like my handsome hubby and sweet sister) and sure enough, they weren’t getting notified either. Hmmmm….. I can’t say that I will ever know what went wrong, but during some update at some time of something, all of my subscribers were lost in an internet black hole. Poof.

So, this is just a shout out that if you previously subscribed but aren’t currently receiving any notifications (and I realize the irony that if you aren’t getting the notification then you probably aren’t getting this information that you need to do it again…..) please use the Subscribe to RV There Yet box on the right side of this page. If you’ve never subscribed before, but would like to get an email notification whenever I do a post, I’d love for you to subscribe.