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Sunset Memories

Despite what my weather app told me last night, the cool and drizzly weather hung on today. If it crept into the 50’s, it wasn’t when I was outside. That much I know for sure. But regardless of the chill in the air, the delight of being here is not diminished one bit. And we know that brighter days are ahead! Here are some sunset memories to help you (and me!) remember what glory is waiting for us just around the bend!


…when you’ve made a personal commitment to post something on this blog each day of February, you get to day nine and you come up empty. So I took a stroll through my phone photos to see if anything caught my eye. I found the cool almost-sunset picture above and on a totally unrelated note, remembered this video of the first chick hatching from last weekend. Because maybe you’ve never seen a chick pop out of its shell either!

Wonder what Day Ten will bring! =)

Happy TwosDay

I know, I know – it’s old news by now. But I couldn’t resist the opportunity to publish a blog post on 2/22/22 that also falls on a Tuesday. Lots of twos going on it seems.

In my world, there are only TWO days left of this month’s SOWER project! Man, it goes by fast! What is not going fast right now, however, is my internet. So a full blown report on what we’ve been doing here at Lake Swan Camp will have to wait. Instead, I’ll just share TWO pictures of the road we have to cross to get from our RV campground to the actual camp. These were taken at the same time as we crossed over one evening for a game night.
Looking East –
Looking West –

Our God is a great artist, isn’t He!

Hoping for some better internet in the days to come….