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A long hard drive

We knew our drive to Oklahoma had a couple of complications, but still, it was less than 300 miles, so how hard could it be?
Although the forecast called for rain, the day started with some promise –
But it was going to be a broken promise!
Our first stop was getting Lizzie inspected at a garage just 10 miles down the road, so I was going to follow in the truck for the first bit. (Texas RV inspections are pretty simple. Lights, flashers, turn signals, wipers, horn. $7. See ya next year.) Since our next stop was going to involve getting the tires rotated on the truck, we decided to continue in our caravan style to avoid unnecessary hooking and unhooking in the rain.
Yes, the rain had arrived.
Can you see Lizzie up there? With those bright (newly inspected) lights?
By the time we arrived at Costco for the tire rotation, the rain was steady and the wind was blowing. We did our shopping, had our favorite Costco $3 lunch (IYKYK), and retrieved the truck from the tire center. And it was still raining. So we decided to delay hooking up the truck until we stopped for fuel about 20 miles down  (up?) the road.
By now the wind had picked up too, so after Gary filled up Lizzie (gulp), we found a place to park and waited out the worst of it. The rain finally let up enough for us to get hooked up, and (after we put on some dry clothes) we were on our way! Reunited again!
But there were still 165 miles to go. While we were in a pocket of no rain, the wind continued to batter us.  And let’s not forget about that good old traffic demon. Lots of folks were getting the heck out of Dodge (Dallas!) for the weekend!
And then, as expected, the rain returned.
We took a break at the Oklahoma Welcome Center, and considered calling it a day and just staying there for the night. But after the driver took a little power nap, we opted to continue on our way.
Eventually, we got off the interstate which, even though it was still 50 miles to our destination,  made it seem like we were closing in on the prize!
Oklahoma – thanks for the hint of Fall color, but if you could do something about the utter lack of shoulder, that would be lovely!
Off the main highway, onto the dirt road
and finally, a full 10 hours from our departure we were parked.
So it was a pretty yucky, super long trip. But there were some bright spots –
RV Inspection – check
Truck tires rotated – check
Filled up the truck @ Costco – $2.93/Gal (Sweet, right?)
Arriving safely – even if it was a bear of a trip. Always thankful for that!
And a bowl of delicious soup waiting for us upon our arrival. Thank you to our wonderful Group Leaders!

It might’ve been a long hard drive to get here – but I’m pretty sure we’re going to have a good month! (For a little more about just where we are, hop on over to the Where we are now page!)

Thanks for coming along on our rainy day travels!

Last day of school

So what do you do when it’s the last day of school even though it feels pretty much like every other day has felt for the last two plus months? You hit up Mr. Snow for some celebratory ice cream!

Welcome to kindergarten and fourth grade!

Then when you get home, you get to enjoy another beautiful Texas sunset as you keep an eye on the the puppy while Mom and Dad have the joy of getting 3 little ice cream stuffed boys into jammies and bed.

Until the mosquitoes get the better of you!

Sweet dreams everyone!

The house is quiet

which in a household of four little boys is no mean feat! The boys are settled in for the night, Josiah and the other grandma (aka Meemaw) are making a quick trip to the old house, and Abigail is enjoying a peaceful glass of wine and a lovely sunset with a friend on their bedroom deck!

My first full day back in Texas has been a busy delight as I’ve worked on cleaning and organizing the kitchen and playing with some adorable grand boys!

I had a lovely welcome at the Waco airport complete with a big GRAMS sign, flowers and three big boys rushing to give hugs! (There were only 8 of us on the flight from Dallas, so I was pretty easy to spot!)
Once we got to the new house

they had another surprise –

A new puppy!
Crazy, right??
Their other dog, Libby, at age ten isn’t to sure about this little slip of a thing!

However, that little ball of fur is a Great Pyrenees, so it won’t be too long until she’ll be a better playmate!
Although all the critical stuff has been moved (beds, sofa, kitchen table and the washer and dryer, the rest of the ‘stuff’ will be happening in stages. Which mostly means that new boxes will need to be unpacked every day!
It’s been great getting reacquainted with the boys – especially the two littlest! I hadn’t seen little Deacon(7mo) since he was 4 days old!

Yes, my heart is happy!

Stay well and keep washing those hands! It’s always been our best defense!

Getting Our Kicks on Route 66

I cannot say that we have gone out of our way to explore “The Mother Road” – Route 66. But in our almost 15 years (!!!) on the road, we have bumped up against it once or twice.
Rte 66 Day
Back in 2008 we followed it for day and ended up in Oatman, AZ – now most famous for their wild burros.
Rte 66 Day-14
Many years later (2017) we found it running through the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert
Right now we are serving at Panfork Camp, located between Wellington, TX and Shamrock, TX. Route 66 goes right through the middle of Shamrock, so you know it’s a pretty big deal in these here parts. In fact, one of the art deco buildings (a gas station with a cafe) was the inspiration for one of the buildings (Ramone’s House of Body Art) in the Pixar Cars Movies.

(Ramone’s screen shot from this website)
We loved checking out this iconic building – now the visitor center. We may or may not now own a “U Drop In” T-shirt.
From Shamrock we headed East, part of the way on Rte 66 and part of the way on Interstate 40, with Elk City, OK in our sights. Elk City is home to the Route 66 National Museum Complex. Oh my, there was so much to see!
and really????
Women did that???

All in all it was great fun to explore this little section of Rte 66! I’m glad we’ve bumped into it again in our travels!

The Great East Texas Area Rep Road Trip

Five Nights
Five Beds (one motel, two projects, two friends)
1387 Miles
Eleven Projects

It was ambitious plan. As East Texas Area Reps, we’re “responsible” for the fourteen projects/ministries in our East TX/LA area. Being “responsible” means that we visit (or at least call) every year or so to check that all is well and we also handle any problems that may arise (like questions about the RV sites, how the ministry operates, that kind of thing) during the course of the year. Gary decided that with a little planning we could visit eleven of those projects during our week ‘off’ between our January and February projects. So the planning began, and all the puzzle pieces fell into their correct spots, and oh-so-early on Friday morning (was that just a week ago??), off we went!
(Did you know that Google Maps limits the number of destinations you can put on a map? Hence the skinny blue line, where I had to approximate the trip from our final group of projects in the Lindale area back to our house in Harper. We did manage to squeeze in a quick stop in Waco, though, for some hugs and our mail!)

But back to the trip….
Although we were quite exhausted at the end of it (more the five different beds than the trip itself), and quite honestly are so thankful that we took notes during each visit because already we’re trying to remember who said what, it was a great trip. We have worked at most of these projects, so we already had some relationships with the staff going into the visit. It was lovely to touch base with folks and as an added bonus we got to catch-up with many SOWER friends who had been working at some of the ministries we visited. I’d like to say I took gobs of pictures at each stop, but the reality is I did not. (I know, it’s a major failure on my part.)  As we visited with the hosts at each ministry, it was such a blessing to hear of the “God Stories” of blessings and lives changed through their ministry.  I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but one of the best parts of this journey we’ve been on is seeing just how BIG God is!  Our little group of projects include many camps and retreat centers, a training center and seminary (geared largely to men leaving prison), an international medical ministry and a discipleship training facility.   How humbled we are to be able to serve at each one!  (I’ve included links to each project at the bottom of the post if you’d like more information about any of them!)

So since this was a Road Trip, it only makes sense that most of my pictures were of The Road.  Although we’ve traveled most of these roads before (who can forget I10 across the bottom of Louisiana), we did take a different route going from Gulf Coast Church up to Acadian Baptist Center.  We took the FREE ferry out of Galveston
and traveled up Bolivar Peninsula instead of fussing with Houston and I10! It was a beautiful drive and well worth the few extra miles that it added to the trip.
If you’d like to see a few more photos from the road trip – you can check them out HERE!

After we got back to our rig in Harper (you know, that skinny blue line), we packed up and headed to our February SOWER project – Forest Glen Springs – outside of Rosebud, TX. Now that we’ve had two nights back in our own bed, we’re beginning to get ourselves back in order! First up was getting this blog updated, and now I’d better get those eleven Area Rep Reports actually written up and sent into the office!!
Thanks for stopping by!

Here are those links I promised:

Camp Tejas, Victory Camp, Gulf Coast Foursquare Church, Acadian Baptist Center, Dry Creek Camp, Camp Cho-Yeh, Forest Glen Camp, Trinity Pines Camp, Calvary Commission, Mercy Ships, YWAM.