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April One

April is here. And it promises to be an April like no other. Maybe “promises” isn’t quite the right word. Perhaps just to say that, unless you are over 100, you have never experienced an April like this one would be more accurate. Like so many of you, we’re in “Stay at Home” mode. For us this is less disruptive than many. Yes, we’re in that “vulnerable” age group, so we’re being cautious about going to the store, but we’re still walking out the door in the morning and reporting to work (just the two of us!) in the building next door. We have food in the freezer, a safe spot to Shelter in Place, and an 8.5 roll toilet paper reserve. This will be a challenging month(s) for all of us – many much more so than us. Yet through all of this, we have much to be thankful for! As we slog through this month together, I’m going to try to do daily posts – focusing on gratitude with a splash of whatever the day may bring mixed in!
Thanks for stopping by – and if you haven’t heard this TOO MANY TIMES, We’re all in this together!

Today I am thankful for

I’ve been keeping this blog going for over 14 years now, and one of the main reasons I keep at it is because I know that somewhere ‘out there’ someone will be checking to see if I’ve written anything lately! I’ve occasionally expressed some angst about this blog, since in many ways it’s not a very defined blog. When people ask what I blog about I confess that it’s a little bit of travelogue mixed in with some ministry stories combined with reflections on life with some (very) cute grandchildren thrown in every now and again. All hopefully seen through eyes of Faith. I guess I would just say it’s a Life Blog?
You’re a mixed bag of friends, you know. Some of you I know well and some of you I have never met. Yet we’ve managed to connect through this interesting medium called Blogging. I love it when you comment and ask questions. I love it when I know dear friends are reading and keeping up with our travels and ministry and cute grandkiddos. And I love it when new friends introduce themselves and join in the conversation.

So on this twentieth day of November, I’d just like to say a simple, but heartfelt, Thank You to all of you have come by visit my little corner of the internet. Whether this is your first visit or you’ve been following along since we started out those many years ago, you are deeply appreciated and valued.
Praying you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!