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Last Chance for the Beach

We head to central Florida tomorrow so it was today or never if I was going to get to the beach one last time this winter. After running errands and tidying up the house, we finally left for the beach about mid-afternoon – Yippee!
We drove north on A1A until we came to Treasure Shores Beach, one of the lovely Treasure Coast public access beaches.
Oh, my, it was beautiful!
But it was a bit windy!
We had a lovely walk along the beach
and I was having a grand time having the waves lick at my toes
even if as I was taking that picture the next wave came up to my knees. That’s just the risk you take when you walk along the water’s edge!
Such a beautiful day!
After a bit, we hosed off our sandy feet and continued north along A1A until our stomachs told us it was time to turn around and get some dinner!
It was a bit of a splurge, but my-oh-my there are few things as yummy in my book as fresh seafood (especially when you add in some crab meat and creamy spinach!). Yes, I ate the whole thing!

As we were finishing up dinner the clouds rolled in and a light rain began to fall. Perfect timing! We made it back to the camp in time to join our SOWER friends for one last night of games and then had a prayer circle to send us (and most of the others) on our way!

Chores Done
Beaches Walked
Tummy Full
Heart Overflowing
A Very Blessed Day