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Quite the Change

Although I know that Gary & I have been busy beating back the wilderness in different areas here at the cabin over the years, I was really surprised when I saw this 2004 photo in a memory post I shared recently.

The cabin seems almost lost amidst all of that greenery! Along with some shrubbery that is gone, those pine trees look magnificent! I’d forgotten how truly beautiful those pine trees were!
We lost one to the weather several years ago, and sadly the remaining two were just getting spindlier and spindlier.
Last fall the decision was made to have them taken down before more weather (and weather does happen up here!) toppled one of them and did some damage to the cabin. It was a sad day, but necessary nonetheless!
Yesterday I tried to get a picture of The Cabin from roughly the same angle. I’m a bit off, but I think you can still see the drastic change.

I miss those pine trees, but otherwise, I’m thinking I like the new(er) look!

It’s hard to believe

that the last picture I took was on Thursday at 11:53 AM. (Spoken by the girl who has 25,862 photos on her phone.)
This is it. The most recent photo.  It’s kind of random, I know, but I do seem to have a thing about trees and bright blue skies, don’t I? Here are a few others I found when I did a search of “trees” in my Flickr photos.
Date Day-9
Coachella Valley, California

Marymere Falls, Olympic National Park, Washington
sequioa day-31
Sequoia National Forest, California

And of course, the gnarly maple tree up at The Cabin, Vermont.
Yeah. That’s my favorite.

National Arbor Day

Did you know that today is National Arbor Day? It’s a day to celebrate trees – and the best way I can think to do that is to rerun a Tree post from seven years ago! I enjoyed reading it again – I hope you do too!

To do a post about “trees” while we’re at the cabin might seem a bit unnecessary.  Let’s face it – there are thousands upon thousands of trees on this property.   Except for the two acres surrounding the cabin which is mostly lawn, the rest of our property is covered with – you guessed it – trees.  Big trees and little trees, tall trees and scrub trees.  Standing trees and fallen trees.  But there are some trees that are quintessential cabin.
There is the tall and stately maple tree that guards the way to the pond.

And then there are the pine trees that anchor the left side of the cabin.  These must have been planted by my grandmother back in the day, shortly after the cabin was constructed.  Tall and stately, there once were four,


then three,


and now just two.

I can’t quite imagine The Cabin without those pines.

It’s also hard to imagine the cabin without the pear trees in the cellar hole to the right of the cabin.


Also planted by my grandmother, I suppose, they produce a fair crop of hard as rock pears most years and occasionally my dear SIL makes up a batch of Cabin Pear Jelly. But more importantly, they are the perfect distance apart for a hammock.
RandomKids-14 - Copy
I wonder if she planned that?

But the tree that captures my heart the most is this giant maple in our ‘backyard’ that finds its way into almost every cabin picture.
Long before there were any trees right around the cabin, there was this tree.
cabin old_BW
Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter – this tree makes its presence known.

Cabin May 2014-1 IMG_9068_edited-1
LaraFallCabin6 cabinsnowbeth

This summer I couldn’t seem to get enough of this tree, with its massive branches stretching to the sky.
Even as it displayed those first hints of fall, it just seemed to add to its majesty.
It’s beginning to show its age (well over 150, I’m sure)
and truth be told, we never know how we’ll find her each spring after the winter snows. But all of us cabin folk hope she’s around for decades to come.
Maybe yet another generation will be able to swing from her outstretched arms.

*Special thanks to family members for supplying photos of seasons when we’re not usually here. And of course to my grandmother, Lizzie, whose photo stash supplied the ‘before my time’ photos. For more tree pictures – (you know you want to….) click here!