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Painting Trim

To say there is a fair bit of trim in this sweet Waco house is quite the understatement. It wasn’t all in bad shape, but if you’ve ever tried to match old white trim paint – well, it just seemed simpler to give it all a fresh coat. We’re not talking big change here – but I think you can see where the new paint on the right looks better than the old paint on the left.
So let’s look at this room (it’s the smallest room in the house) and just see how much trim there is. There are those two windows (in the picture above) and then two more windows in the front, along with a door to the living room.
At the other end of the room is a closet, the door to the hallway, and a cupboard.
Oh, and six inch baseboard all around.
Every day I fill up my paint ‘jug’ and paint until it’s empty. In the six days that I’ve been painting trim I’ve gone through 1.5 gallons of trim paint, painted 17 windows, six solid doors, one set of french doors, 12 door or room openings, and haven’t even made it to the second floor.
I will confess to getting pretty agile with a 2″ roller and I’m developing a solid ‘cutting in’ technique.
Pretty sure I’m going have to move my SOWER Skill Sheet (graded on a 0 (can’t do it) to 5 (it was my job)) painting level up to a solid 3.
Maybe even a 3.5 (if there is such a thing!).
With another 11 windows, 8 doors/doorways and 2 book shelves (and 4235 +/- feet of baseboard) waiting for me on the second floor, I’ll be making a trip back to the paint counter at Lowes soon!
Oh – did I mention the stairway?
Yeah, that gets painted too.

Thanks for stopping by (and listening to me whine!! Sorry!).