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A Bit of Superficiality

Let’s face it. There are MANY big problems in today’s world. Big, complicated, multi-faceted, no-easy-answer situations. I’m not going to attempt to list them all – let alone answer them – because you know them and are probably as confounded by them as I. So today I wanted to address just one little (superficial, I confess) aspect of one of just one of those BIG situations.


Oy – have you struggled with this THING? When I opted for the short hair look four years ago I knew there would be trips to the hair salon every six weeks or so.  And given that we generally change location monthly, it would be trips to a NEW stylist almost every time. I came to appreciate (and even trust) the Hair Cuttery and Super Clips and even the occasional Walmart Super Styles.  I’ve even had a FlowBee cut or two
which have turned out quite nicely thanks to Jenny’s expertise!

But it never occurred to me that a time would come when ALL the salons would be closed and my only option was to let it grow or let Gary cut it. The former seemed like the way to go, trust me.

UntitledArmed with a good supply of gel and “fiber wax”, I attempted to manage my COVID hair over the next several months. (Since one of the things I loved about my short hair was the actual lack of management it required, these were trying days indeed!)

Friends, the struggle was real.
Last week, much to my delight (and Gary’s also – he was getting pretty tired of my whining about The Hair), I was able to get rid of my COVID hair and return to my finger combing, new-every-morning (in a good way) short hair!

Still no answers to any of those Big Questions – except to keep trusting the God of the Universe who continues to work it out for His Glory.  But at least I can stop fretting (ok, it was actually whining) about Another Bad Hair Day!

Have a terrific Tuesday, friends!


Coming into focus

Well, kind of!
Since we did not have a firm ‘next spot’ lined up and Gary is really, really awful at sitting around, he got started on a new project here at the church.
He’ll be upgrading the lights in the sign to LED’s and it (the sign) will get a good cleaning at the same time. (Pretty sure that part of the project is on my job list!). While he waits for the bulbs to come in, he’ll start on painting all the baseboard in the rooms we already painted. It’s possible I’ll put on my paint clothes and give him a hand with that, but since this is officially our week off AND my doctor nephew sent out another SOS for face masks…….Yep, the sewing wins again!
The good news is I found a source for elastic (Atwoodrope.com)and my order should be here by Thursday. Meanwhile I’m perfecting the technique to add the elastic at the end, but still have it all neat and tidy! It’s coming right along!

As of this afternoon we’ve nailed down a spot for us to park in Tennessee once the projects here are wrapped up. We’re pretty happy about that! But still, we are holding even that loosely! Because who really knows what tomorrow will bring! Instead we will say – “If the LORD wills….”

Stay safe and keep washing those hands!!

PS – Today’s Random Header is of Bryce Canyon National Park (Utah)

Mondays are for (recent) memories – Camp Horizon

There goes another one! Our tribe is thinning out! Of our eight SOWER couples working this month, there are only three of us left. Four couples are heading home – some have already arrived (thank you, LORD!), and one couple is working their way to Oklahoma where they will be serving next month. Even though most of the ministries SOWERs has partnered with are closed, many have offered their parking spots to SOWERs who need a safe place to be during these uncertain times. We’ll be heading to one of those later this week. Hopefully we will still be able to serve in some way while following the guidelines for self-isolation and social distancing. We are leaving it in the LORD’s hands (after carefully washing ours, of course!).
But since Mondays are for Memories – how about a little bit of wrap-up from this past month here at Camp Horizon? March 2020 will long be remembered as the Month of the Coronavirus, but it will also be remembered as a great SOWER month for us! While our group was over the current ‘legal limit’ of 10,
since we considered ourselves family, we still were able to accomplish much for the camp and the LORD during our time here!
See what a good job our guys were doing at social distancing? Can you find the 6 SOWERS in this picture?
Their primary job was to rehab (grinding, welding, painting) the steel trusses for a metal building that had been donated (but had sat for too long!). It was a big job, but in the end –
There was quite a pile of shiny red trusses waiting to be assembled.
Here’s a little slide show of the men working….

The ladies did mostly cleaning, with a little organizing thrown in as necessary!
Even when we were enjoying an afternoon dip (man, it got hot here, and we were VERY thankful for that pool), we were practicing staying apart!
Here’s a little glimpse of the ladies working –

Of course, the beauty of our SOWER work that it is never All Work and No Play. This month was no exception, but I figured I’d save something for future posts.  I can’t promise another ‘post a day’ spell, but as long as we have internet (and aren’t we thankful for that!!) I’ll probably be a little more diligent with blogging.

Take care, friends! Keep washing those hands and trusting in the God of our yesterdays, today, and tomorrows.

“Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me.”
John 14:1