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Baby it’s cold out there



It seems like it’s cold just about everywhere! While it did eventually warm up to that balmy 24,  we woke up to no water (even our tank was frozen) and we spent most of the day just trying to stay warm in our insulated tin can of a house. Let’s just say we had so many layers on that it was hard to be productive at anything!  But I’m pretty sure it was cold where you were too!



While most of you are bustling around getting ready for Christmas, Christmas for us will be pretty quiet. It’ll be just us.  But we’ll be busy, even if it won’t be with traditional Christmas-y things! We’ll be packing up the truck for an early Monday morning (or middle of the night, depending on your perspective) departure for our long-awaited Conrad Family Post-Christmas Holiday! We’re expecting the whole gang (all 20 of us!) to gather in Destin, FL for a week of family fun. We’ve rented a big ol’ house just a couple of blocks from the beach,Untitled but in case it’s a little cool for the beach, the house has its own heated pool and hot tub. Between games and puzzles, the pool and the ocean, and the hundreds of touristy things to do in the Destin area, I’m pretty sure we’ll find enough fun for everyone.
UntitledIt might not be summer beach weather, but at least nothing is below freezing!

So like many of you, we’re making our list and checking it twice – but our list is all about what we don’t want to forget to bring along for the adventure!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, friends!